Kids Bathroom Decorating Ideas

In your home there are various different rooms which are used for different purposes.  You will see that these days most homes have separate rooms for the kids that come with attached bathrooms.  In order to make your child’s room more creative and authentic it is very important for you to decorate it with beautiful accessories and equipments that your child would simply. Special attention should also be given to the bathroom that belongs to your kids. You must try to decorate the bathroom area with themes and items that especially created for the kids so that they can enjoy their personal space to the fullest. Full attention should also be paid to the decoration aspect.  There are many people choose a rubber duck theme or a character theme for their kids. If you want you can select a theme according to what your kids prefer.

Planning The Space

You must plan out everything in advance so that you can purchase the required accessories according to your needs and requirements. Always remember that a children’s bathroom has age-specific needs.  You will see that every element needs to be looked at considerately to consider storage, use of space, purpose and most fundamentally, safety.

You must try to keep changing things from time to time in order to provide the area a new look and dimension.  If you want to think how to make best use of the space but also how to expect your child’s needs may alter and be able to cater for these.

Some people have double bathroom set ups that is why they must plan things accordingly. You will see that the towel racks, shelves, cabinets, light switches and hooks, all need to be made available and easy to use.

If more than one child will be using the bathroom, as they grow the age gap and your children’s requirements alter and your bathroom needs to be able to work for varying ages, genders and on the number of kids who are using the bathroom.

You will see that the finest design alternatives for this set-up are compartmentalized spaces; one for the toilet, one for the bath, one for the shower and perhaps also storage. If this isn’t possible, at least believe a divide toilet to de-stress the morning and evening rush.

Shower Curtain Ideas

Kids Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Kids Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If you want you can also use various different types of shower curtains in your room to give the area an authentic appearance.  You will see that as a substitute of hanging a normal liner or a simple fabric shower drape with a simple liner, search for a shower curtain covered in fantastic frogs. Prefer a colorful liner that matches the shower drape, and hang both on the same rod using the same hooks to make opening and closing them convenient for children. In addition, decide shower curtain rings to match the theme. These days there are various online websites operating on the internet that would surely be able to help you when it comes to purchasing beautiful accessories and hooks for the bathroom area.

There are various different types of bathtubs which you can use in your kids room for additional advantages. In the place of rubber rug or a shower rug that will eventually become rotten beneath, choose non-slip mini theme connected mats to decorate the shower or bathtub in a themed bathroom for children.  You can also search online to find these sweet and easy-to-clean small rugs, or visit general price cut stores and you will probable find what you are looking for. There are various other decorative things that you can purchase in order to make your bathroom look more decorative and beautiful.


There are various small accessories that kids require on a regular basis that is why it is important for you to construct good storage areas where you fit in all the small things that are needed by the kids on a regular basis. You can hang a hand towel next to the sink area, and if it is not within reach of smaller children you can consider providing them a strong step stool for drying small hands and brushing teeth. Also, smaller kids are improbable to fold up and hang bath towels.  You can also build up towel hooks as a substitute of towel racks and more than probable they will in fact be hung up after use. To give confidence to your children to be tidy and orderly consider some substitute methods. In the shower, a vinyl manager with penetrated pockets to drain the water will catch all the shampoos, conditioners, soaps and various other things. You can also consider installing the cabinets that come with open shelves as this would really help you in many ways.

If you are installing accessories in your bathroom area that would only be used by your children then it is very important for you to be very careful. You can also deliberately design the cabinets to be low enough for a child, or for a more cost effective option, make sure on a small and stable stool the bathroom tops will be with no trouble in reach.

Single-lever taps in the basin are a easy and effortless touch that children find much convenient to find the way. Also consider hand held shower heads and pullout taps as they are great for maintaining sinks and bathtubs as well as bodies.

The design of the toilet basin should be fun filled and exciting with wonderful features. You will be grateful for this too when it leads to less mishaps to clean up. Particularly with boys, and of any age, a stretched out bowl will be far more sterile than a normal oval shape.

People who can spend a large amount of money on decorative items can purchase unique accessories like bath tubs in the shape of a boat which can really make things more exciting for them. With any additional features, make sure they always take advantage of on safety and storage space as these are the two most necessary features of a child’s bath. You can install door levers instead of the big knobs as this would surely be a fun filled addition to your bath room area.
Small beautiful stools can be bought for your bathroom area. Make sure that the stools are made of wood instead of some cheap plastic materials. The warts will offer traction for little feet, and they will insert nature to this easy-to-make step stool particularly for kids. This is one step stool you will by no means find in stores.


If you want to do something completely different for your kids then you can try out the themed bathroom idea. You can install beautiful themed wall papers in this area. Search any chief craft store and you will find wall accessories of all fashion, including animals and lily pads. Peel and attach wall decals are very simple to paste and even easier to remove, and best of all they can be relocated if need be. You can also look for accessories that can easily be placed in your bathroom without any difficulty.
You can install some amazing accessories in your bathroom area to make it look completely clean and amazing. Many reduction stores sell themed wastebaskets, toothbrush holders, soap pumps, toilet brush holders, soap dishes, drinking cups and various other amazing accessories for the kids. Kids will love this fun and multicolored bathroom theme, and they will want to help with the accessorizing process.


Your child should be kept safe while taking a bath so that they do suffer from any shocks. You will see that it would stop bruises and falls with grab bars about the bathtub or shower so there is incredible firm to grip to when getting out. Cabinets and counter-tops should also have curved edges and corners.

You must always keep the medicines very carefully in the cabinets so that they take away from the reach of your children. This would really help you in organizing things properly. This would lessen the risk by flushing perished medicines down the toilet today or get rid of the risk by eliminating medicine completely from the kids’ bathroom.

I would like to tell you that children are fast small wrigglers so choose a carpet surface that will lessen slip risks.  You must opt for a non-slip and impervious surface like good textured tile or vinyl. Make certain that rugs have non-skid backings and fit rubber footpads on step stools and furniture to stop them from slipping.

You must need to be very carefully while installing different equipments in the room.  You will see that electrical devices are an actual risk so keep them far away and furnish the electrical opening with earth liability route interrupters. The household water temperature must be set at constant temperatures; this would help in avoiding any type of mishaps.

I am sure the above stated tips and tricks would surely help you in decorating your kid’s bedroom in the most stylish manner without any inconvenience.

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