You can add a great deal of ease and convenience to any kitchen by developing its design potential through the kitchen islands. The islands were basically originated from the farm tables that allow the cook to enjoy more working space. It also helps in expanding the actual length of dining stations. Keeping in mind the current needs and desires, the modern homeowners can now get the same material for the countertop, islands and base cabinets. This creates an integral look and adds on to the kitchen decor. Contrary to this, the latest trends are to lean back the freestanding look along with the base cabinets, upper cabinets and countertop stuff that can be a mix of colors as well as materials.

Those who want to integrate their kitchens o the environmental settings can try using central islands for better usage of kitchen space. There are other advantages too, such as you need not to have a wall before you while cooking your favorite dishes. It is becoming progressively more important because you can get the overall environment to view. There are certain sectors here you can get the island kitchens such as storage space of china, food processing, storage sector appliances, areas for cooking washing and the accessories section as well. Another way of using island is to have a convenient breakfast bar.

In such as case, one freestanding furniture piece with minimum one division standing at the height of the counter can be used as an island. Usually, the homeowners choose to have a piece that can offer open shelves and hidden cabinets or a blend of both accompanied with another working area. For the high- tech kitchens, the refrigerated drawers and wine racks can also be included in the lower storage or refinement area.

There are many purposes of using Kitchen Island. In some kitchens it is used as an additional work station giving extra space for items. In some of the homes it is a divider which differentiates the area between the kitchen and the dinner table. The island works best if there are wires or plumbing done in the kitchen as its usefulness increases. You can even use the work station as it is the ideal place for accommodating important things. Some other uses of island include wine rack, ice maker, under cabinet refrigerator, wine chiller etc which add utility to the kitchen.

Another option which you can try is to add a second dishwasher along with the under cabinet oven or a microwave on the side wall of the kitchen. If the kitchen is small or of a medium size then the best way to use island is for sink. In this way you can talk to your family and complete work thus enjoying it. Under the window sink gives number of benefits and a perfect option. In case of larger kitchens the island can be treated as a second sink. The microwave and the refrigerator can be placed in a triangle so that it is able form a kitchen triangle which works well.

Kitchen Islands
Kitchen Islands

Depending upon your needs you have to decide the kind of island you want. In small kitchens islands can be utilized in the best way as cabinets can be designed on each side where you can place the plates. It is an easy set up and helpful too. If you want a traditional setting in the kitchen you can go for island which has legs along with shelves to store things. Just like the countertops are extended when they are installed similarly for island too you must follow the same principles as it avoids spilling. The island can be used as a snack table but there should be a space of about 15 inches to be comfortable. If there are stools for sitting then the space can be about 18 inches.

There are numerous designs of island but the two tiered one is best as one side can be used for preparing food while the other one for counter seating. The sink can be installed at the same level or if you want a little higher level you can try that too. If you are using a cook top in the kitchen then safety is the best precaution so place it on a lower place while the difference between the cook top and snack rack should be at least six inches. If there are heating equipments then it should be 24 inches apart from all the sides with 4 inches as backsplash.

Form a triangle in the kitchen so that working becomes smooth. If you cook in microwave then you need to take things out from the fridge only. On the other hand if your kids are using microwave for snacks then you can exclude it from the triangle. Wall ovens are not mostly used so according to your choice you may or may not include it in the kitchen triangle. The island can be kept close to oven because after the food is baked it can be placed on the island. So according to your requirements you can arrange everything with your choice.

If there is lots of space in the kitchen then you can go for two islands. The setting of the island is done in such a way that it covers the entire kitchen. For example one island can be placed within the kitchen triangle while fridge, sink, cook top etc can be adjusted in the position that you like. The second island is used for serving food and can be placed in the direction of TV. The island can be used as a division belt then the style should be according to the room which is adjoined to it. The countertop and sink should have the same design. The chairs, cushions, bistro stool etc should be decorative as working with island is fun.

The market is full of designer islands which vary in style and color. The stainless steel islands and butcher block are more in demand as compared to other options in the market. You can also purchase an in-built island which comes with the kitchen instead of buying a separate island for your kitchen. The size of the island depends upon your requirements and the material of which it is made is up to your choice only. Keep in mind the space in the kitchen and budget which you have planned.


Kitchen Islands
You can add a great deal of ease and convenience to any kitchen by developing its design potential through the kitchen islands

Before buying the island you have look in to the space where you will place it. Though there are many places for the island but it will be better that the central portion of the kitchen is selected. The reason is that you can use the kitchen from any area and it is in your reach. If you have already planned the setting of the kitchen then window area is also best for the island. Once you know the place where you will place the island measure the space whether it will fit there or not. Some space should be left to avoid any inconvenience. The size of the island should be perfect that fits in to your use or it will be a waste of money.


You would like to keep your appliances in one place and so island can be a superb option. For this a powerful frame will be suitable. Just as size is necessary for the island similarly the material should be selected that it is long lasting. For this you can go for butcher blocks or even stainless steel islands work well for everyday use.

Prior to figuring out your expectations from the islands, you first get a rough idea of the approximate magnitudes of the kitchen island. After getting the estimated dimensions it is high time to choose the layout that you want. Suppose you want something that can hold the toaster or coffee pot, the compact island will be an ideal choice that can offer you sufficient storage area.


You can easily decide the kitchen island options by figuring out your budgets that you can afford for disposal. Markets are flooded with the different varieties that you can get suiting to your financial parameters, needs and space constraints. In a nutshell, to buy the detailed constructions and exclusive materials you will have to shell out more money.

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