Dressing Up Your Walls

Walls are like blank canvas which can be used to present your thoughts in a unique manner whether it is fun, beauty, drama, peace or any other emotion. The color gives a vibrant feeling to the room and at the same time shows how your room or home will appear.

Walls can be decorated in a number of ways. You can give either give a traditional touch by fur paintings or a modern look with wall hangings. Nowadays you can build walls with mud, grass, tin, wood while the surface can be painted, plastered and unique options can be adopted to give feeling to the room.

There is a huge variety of materials which you have as most of the people go with this option only. If you want to get a perfect finish then paint is the best choice because it is affordable.

There are several colors from which you can pick the ideal color for your walls. Faux finishing can be tried to add elegant look. You can take the help of books and magazines for a creative look.  In case you are looking for stylish choices then go through this article.

Papers with Punch

Papering walls is considered to be one of the perfect options together with paint. There are many people who prefer wallpaper as it looks good and comes in a wide variety of shades and textures.

Flat papers are a good option which comes in a huge collection ranging from flowers to cartons and many other creative stuff. The geometric patterns are more in demand as it gives a real look of paint; for example marbling and color washing.

Dressing Up Your Walls
Dressing Up Your Walls

The modern look can be availed through the use of monochromatic textured papers like grass cloth.

If the room is light then tactile elements can be added in the room along with the right use of matte finish and dazzling tabletop. Apart from this the designer shelves paired with colorful pillows and cushions can add a fresh look to the room.

Thick papers can be used to completely remove the imperfections of the wall to make it look beautiful. If the quality is high it can serve two purposes also.

Embossed covering like Analgypta is also an excellent option. It is a traditional form which comes from England and makes the room look decorative. For an ideal and fussier finish Analgypta will be the best choice. Burnt umber when added to soft colors can give a vibrant feeling and add beauty too.

Even metallic papers are another option through which you can make the room appears livelier. It looks awesome and very much in trend. For kitchens you can go for stainless steel appearance and for dining area golden yellow will be the perfect choice. You can easily find then as they are just superb.

Quick Trick

  • The walls can be covered with vinyl acrylic wallpaper as it is similar to paint but dried quickly and gives a brilliant effect. When you want to change the color it can be pealed so that another shade is used over it.
  • The use of right paper for the right area is necessary. For example in bathrooms and kitchens you should go with the water resistant paper which works well if comes in contact with water.
  • For maintenance of the paper it should be trimmed using a sharp blade.

Wood and Its Imitators

Solid wood planks have a high cost due to which it falls in the luxurious class.

For dining rooms you can consider the options of oak as well as mahogany. As it is a costly affair therefore plywood and wood veneers can be brilliantly used together.

Wainscoting is another choice which is considered by many people. It is used for decoration and grooves can be fitted in the slots to give a tough look.

The lower section of the wall can be covered with plywood and then it can be painted with any color you want. Hence both the upper and lower portion complements both the shades.

Long before wood was used as trim around the windows, doors, chairs etc but now you have plastic materials like fiberboard and vinyl which look excellent and are long lasting. These work as a good substitute.

Though they are not so tough as compared to real wood but if it is painted then it looks very brilliant and excellent. It comes in wide range and is functional too.

Wood veneer is a perfect option but it is mixed with plywood to get a excellent effect. It cannot be used alone and can be painted for a natural appearance. It can be stained so that the real beauty of the wood comes out.

Quick Trick

  • When wood is painted always remember to paint along the direction of stain . If stain is not present then move together with the trim.
  • For bathroom, closet and garden cedar is the best option which is durable.
  • For custom paneling the suggested options are plywood or fiberboard which goes a long way.

Fabric Fantasies

Panels are an ideal option for walls when used with heavy woven cloth. Even tooled carpets works well and looks striking.

If you want to add any material to the wall then a better option is to hang it or else it will damage the panel and also the wall. So keep this thing in mind.

Dressing Up Your Walls
Dressing Up Your Walls

When you will look at the result you will find a beautiful art on the wall which adds a touch of elegance to it. You can treat it as a focus point and then decorate the wall.

The plain wall can be adorned in a number of styles. You can either add silk shimmers or dyed panels also look good. You can try bold colors if you like because it changes the mood. The Persian carpet which is adorned with jewels really gives a wonderful look to the wall and changes the overall look.

Fabric panels add a unique touch and at the same time give illusion to the walls. For a privacy feeling you can go with tall fabrics as it satisfies the purpose. Hanging drapes are used with the panels as it makes a great combination.

Though ceiling is not the eye catching point but in bedrooms it is very important to adorn it. For an exclusive look canopies can be an awesome option together with airy cocoons. Such options work best and give an elegant look.

Quick Trick

  • Using fabrics is really fun as there are lots of innovative things to do. Things like clips, draperies, rings, wires etc can be used for embellishing the walls.
  • Metallic fabrics along with the solid panels can be a perfect wall hanging for the room.
  • You can try reversible fabric screen by using two fabrics of different shade.

There are many people who love and enjoy decorating their room while some find it very boring. It is really creative to embellish the welcome area and try new effects. Several options can be combined for an enriching and real look that you want.

According to your choice you can decorate the walls to make it pleasing. You have different kinds of wallpapers and attractive paints which can be employed. Zen-like grassy textures, wooden panels, embossed textures etc are some of the exciting choices which you can consider.

Getting Plastered

Plastered wall looks very cool as compared to all the other options. Even the paint cannot be substituted for it as it is extremely incomparable. It is easy to apply plaster or called as stucco.

It is your choice whether you want a flat surface or are looking for textured surface. Though the paints come with tint in it but still if it does not have then you can get it tinted according to your choice. With the help of two or three shades you can get a weathered Mediterranean appearance.

Venetian plaster also looks very excellent and can be made smooth with the metal spatula. You can rub it or even burnish it the shine will always remain the same.

The complete wall can be plastered and the upper portion of the wall can be bordered with a different shade to create a difference. Stencil patterns or classic border can be tried and its stud is available in the market. One can create exclusive patterns with stencils.

For canvas there is a special kind of plaster known as gesso. It is a good option as it does not gets cracked and spoils the look of the room. The border can be prepared and taken out in wet only.

Quick Trick

  • Metal spatula is used for plaster as it gives a smooth finish. The tower should be run in a cross hatch manner until a smooth finish is achieved.
  • If you are using tinted plaster then first check a small portion. Once you are satisfied then redo it on the complete wall.
  • Paints are usually porous so first apply primer to it so that cleaning becomes easy and the paint is long lasting.

Tin Man

Dressing Up Your Walls
Dressing Up Your Walls

Any type of residential interior designing is incomplete without stainless steel appliances. This cool metal has completely invaded your kitchen and made your workplace more managed as well as helpful. Using the steel panels you cannot cover the stoves and refrigerator only. You can perfectly fit in the backsplash area with the3 help of cut steel prices. Making use of such metal prices you can easily cover a counter space or improvise an accent wall.

In order to conceal the stains and cracks visible from the ceiling you can rely on the old yet effective technique of tin-tile ceiling. You can use innumerable patterns available in the market by leaving the painted or plain. Decorative tin can turn out to be a great way to cover up the walls thoroughly. However, you can get more attractive finish by filling these tiles in the lower part of the wall space. Those who aim for refreshing country , styles without investing much time, can try out shades like lemon-lime or bubble-gum pink to discover a new zeal in routine decor.

Visit the nearby hardware stores to explore the latest variety that the market has to offer and get inspired. Those who look for actual ripple effect can try out especially corrugated metal sheets available in flat as well as embossed patterns. Copper, brass and bronze can also yield you the similar yet dazzling hues. Always take care while employing industrial materials as it doesn’t team up will while pairing with the warm colors.

Quick Trick

  • When it comes to cut a metal make sure that you are using tin snips and taking proper precautions for the sharp edges by wearing work gloves. For safer handling try to sand the edges.
  • To cover metallic bodies, primers are specially designed after which different types of paints can be used for creating a metallic impression. Finally you can apply special metal paint to the plain surface.
  • Washers and screws can be used to screw the metal to a particular wall and thus will offers you a dazzling industrial look.

Tile and Glass

Nowadays people prefer to have ceramic tiles on the bathroom walls. Its attribute of being impervious or resisting steam, water and heat makes it an ideal choice to be installed behind the stoves and sink counters with in the kitchen.

You can explore a never ending range of patterns, colors, designs and motifs available in tiles section. Choosing a right combination can offer you a colorful yet complex mosaic pattern of Turkish bath. Similar to this you can also bring an all-white spa’s beauty in your home.

There are innumerable benefits of having glass block walls. Being an eye catching interior alternative, this not only offers privacy but it also allows natural as well as sun light to pass through. You can use such alluring walls accompanied with the contemporary design to demarcate space. You can very well compliment it with light hued wood furnishing especial when it is stacked like a table height partition. With a view to add more magnificence to a neutral backdrop you can blend this wall with a cool green shade.

Quick Trick

  • If you don’t have a huge sum of money to spend on the experience tile decoration then you can spurge on same as accents while stock tiles can be used for filling in the space.
  • You can easily draw the attention of every onlooker by creating visually striking puzzle on a noticeable wall with the help of discreet sized glass blocks.

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