Living room plays a vital role in any home. It is the place which you would love to decorate and design in a unique way as it leaves the first impression on your guests whenever they visit. The most important element in this room is the color. Wall colors give a beautiful and amazing effect to your living room. They are the most effective tool in creating a relaxing and welcoming environment. Following are few color themes and schemes which you can implement in your living room:

Green Color theme: Green color is the most amazing color to go ahead with. This color will impart a unique freshness in your living room. The living room is a place to relax and hang out and with this color you can build up the same relaxing and pleasant environment. Always use light shades of green color so that they can reflect a comfortable feeling. You can also make great combinations. Try using white or yellow color with green color paint. It will give a striking look to your living room. You can also place green plants or herbs to accentuate your living room. Try placing wood furniture to give a warming look to your living room decor.

Living Room
A Living Room in Orange Color Theme

Red Color theme: Red color is the most popular color theme and is widely used for designing the living room. Red color gives a luxurious feeling. It also gives a feeling of warmth and intimacy. Red color empowers you with energy after a whole day work. However, do not paint all the walls in red color.  You can paint one or two walls of your living room and can paint other walls with lighter hues like cream or white. You can also place accessories in red color to complement white color walls. But, remember not to use too much of red color in the living room as it can create restless environment.

Yellow Color theme: Yellow is the color of sunshine. It is a color of warmth, happiness and joy. It creates a soothing and welcoming environment all over the place. Always try light shades of yellow color. You can paint walls with Lemon yellow and can place mustard yellow cushions and curtains. That would be a wonderful combination. You can also create great combinations with this color. Paint a trim of green color with lemon color walls to bring up a classic combination of nature. You can also try violet with melody yellow color walls to give a contrast look to your room.

White and Grey Color theme: If you want to give your living room a sophisticated look then you can opt for a neutral color theme. White cream or lighter shades of gray are some of the shades which are commonly used for decorating living room. You can paint the walls with combination of white and gray color and can display an artwork or a painting on any wall to give it a sophisticated look. One of the benefits of this color theme is that you can combine it with two or more colors paint. These colors also get easily blend up with your simple furniture pieces.

Blue Color theme: You can choose blue color paint to give your room a cool and refreshing look. A touch of blue color paint with white color would bring in an amazing atmosphere. Turquoise theme with contemporary living room design would add up to your lovely environment.

Brown Color theme: Brown color gives a classic look to a room. You can paint your room with shades of brown with tint of white or cream paint to create a pleasant look altogether.

Orange Color theme: Just like Red, Orange is also one of the bright colors. However, this color builds a warming atmosphere in your living room. Use neutral color furniture pieces and accessories to complement with orange color walls.


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