Elements of Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, the Chinese believe that Nature has got five fundamental elements – they are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Any object of the world is relatable to one or other of these five elements. These five elements move forward in a definite manner. They are all the time keeping in touch with one another. Their relationship is in the nature of a Production cycle. Let us have a look at the following illustration:

The Production Cycle of the Elements
The Production Cycle of the Elements

The element wood when burnt produces Fire. Fire produces the Earth and the Earth produces Metal and Metal, in turn, produces Water and Water produces Wood. This is the Production Cycle of the Elements.


Color – Red
Direction – The South
Shape – Triangular
Season – Summer
Number – 9
Object – Candle, Sticks

Fire along with its enthusiasm and zeal, its heat and warmth, and its joy and delight, provides ‘energy’ too one’s name and fame and good luck are associated with it. This is one side story – but the fact is, that it burns too. The people with the Fire elements are upright and honest, and they expect others too to be the same. But perhaps they are too innocent. They do not know the ways of the world. Their innocence lands them into trouble. They are affectionate, enthusiastic and always young at heart. They have a way with them and as such they can impress and inspire others to their ways of thought and action. They are ever eager for a change and they are the sort who believes that ‘variety is the spice of life’.


Color – Yellow, Brown
Direction – Middle (The South-West)
Shape – Square
Season – Summer
Number – 9, 2, 5, 8
Object – Earthenware,  Handicrafts

The Earth feeds and nurses us. The people of this element are steady, determined and dependable or trustworthy. They are tolerant, affectionate, strong, realistic and patient by nature. They are sportive and cheerful. Persons of this category are very ambitious and are even for a change, rise and progress. They are industrious and never tired of working for long hours. Consequently, economically they always turn out to be sucessful stories.


Color – White
Direction – West
Shape – Round
Season – Rainy
Number – 6, 7
Object – Metal-made things (Gold and silver)

The people with the Element Metal are tough and hard, ambitious and single minded. The element of business and economic successes is Metal. The element is normally connected with gold or wealth. But please beware of the knives and swords made of these metals, they can be destructive. They can wrought havoc. The people of this element trust only themselves and no others and they take themselves seriously. They are basically egoists. They believe in keeping things to themselves. Instead of sharing their problem with others, they normally believe in solving them themselves.


Color – Blue/Black
Direction – North
Shape – Equilateral
Season – Winter
Number – 1
Object – Fish, Tanks and Waterfalls

The water element is symbolic of wisdom, communication and travel. Water is associated with social activities, communication and intellect. Water when in pond or tank may be and is, usually stagnant and placid, but the same when in an ocean can be turbulent and destructive. The water element people are often music lovers. They are the kind of people who are fond of listening to music and have the ability to appreciate and enjoy it. They are tender hearted and the kind sort, the ones who would never like to hurt the feelings of others.


Color – Green
Direction – East
Shape – Rectangular
Season – Spring
Number – 3, 4
Object – Plants, Chair, Table

The subjects with the element of wood, are sociable and ambitious. They delight and revel in challenges. They gladly accept them. They are highly principled and idealistic. Their friends too are kind and generous. Such people are methodical and they value planning in advance. They are not at home while expressing themselves buy they are good at analysing things and situations. They possess a knack for managing things and have managerial ability and the ability to direct others.

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