Office with Residence Vastu

Office With Residence Vastu- Principles You Must Follow

Your office is the most important place for you where you work on a regular basis. Sometimes people, who own small companies or firms, consider placing their office near the homes. This helps them in saving a lot of money on the purchase of new plot especially for the construction of the office area. Although it is not very good to have your working area in the same space where you live, but if you can not avoid it then you can take the help of the vastu principles to create an ambiance of peace and tranquillity between both the zones. Sometimes it might also happen that the office and residence both are located in the same building on different floors. If this is the case with you then you must surely take the help of a vastu expert who would tell you about some remedies through which you would be able to remove all the defects.

In this article, my main focus would be to tell you about some of the most important vastu guidelines relating to office that are constructed within the residential space.

Office With Residence Vastu Principles

  • Home offices are becoming very common these days because more and more people are now starting small scale home based companies and firms. In order to ensure efficiency in work, good output and profit, it is very important for you to follow the vastu principles. Vastu has various principles regarding the home office which relate to the correct placement, position and direction of office equipments, gadgets, reception area and different departments.
  • The most appropriate location for the home office is in the western or the southern portion of the house as this ensures better concentration and focus. Your residential office should never be located in the north eastern part of the house as this area is considered to be an inactive zone for no work should be performed.
  • Office With Residence Vastu
    Office With Residence Vastu

    In order to ensure the maximum amount of profitability and business output the entrance door of your home should be located in the southern portion and never in the northern direction. Placement of obstacles in front of the entrance should be avoided.

  • You can receive maximum sunlight and fresh air during the day time if you place your windows in the eastern or northern part of the house. New opportunities would definitely come your way if you construct odd number of windows and doors in your home office area.
  • All the furniture items should be kept in the western and southern part and the eastern and northern part should always be kept empty. The central area of the office should also not have ant furniture of gadgets installed.
  • The reception should be placed in the north east corner and the receptionist should face the east or north direction while sitting in this area.
  • The safe where you store all your money and important documents should be placed in the northern portion of the office as this would ensure inflow of wealth. If you want the cupboard can also be placed in the South-West direction.
  • People who are working should always use rectangular shaped desks that should be placed in the south western portion of the office and the employers should face the north east or east direction. Middle level employees should be allotted place in the north or east zone of the office. Lower level employees can be given the north western portion. You must ensure that every employ receives adequate amount of light so that they can perform their work with efficiency and enhanced┬ácaliber.

The design and the placement of individual departments of the home office should always be done according to the vastu principles so that you can get maximum positive energy to perform our work with enthusiasm and competence.

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