Vastu principles and guidelines haven been used by many people all around the world from centuries. The principles and rules give us all the information that we need to know when it comes to the construction, position and direction of architectural structures. Vastu Yantra and pyramid also helps in removing some common defects that are found in almost every home and office. You will see that almost very building has two or more floors. The upper floor is also very important for your house and office that is why you must pay a lot of attention to its correct construction. Vastu lays down some very important guidelines and principles for the construction of the upper storey of your home.

The design and placement of rooms in the upper portion of your home may be different from that of the lower storey. If the rooms in the upper floor of your home are not constructed in the right manner, you must get them corrected as soon as possible. Some essential Vastu guidelines that you must know about are mentioned below.

The Importance of Upper Floor Vastu

  • The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that the height of the upper floor should never be more than that of the lower floor of the house.¬† Make sure that the balcony is never constructed on the south western portion of the first floor as this can create various problems for you. You can locate the balcony in another part of the floor according to your preference.
  • The position and the location of the upper floor is very important, make sure that it is only constructed in the south western region. Avoid ant construction in the east or north portion. If you are getting more floors constructed then this placement is not very essential. Only certain rooms like the study room and bedroom should be constructed on the first floor. You must also avoid the construction of any type of storage room in the upper floor as this creates negative energy in this area.
  • Importance of Upper Floor Vastu
    Importance of Upper Floor Vastu

    All the rooms that are constructed in the first floor should have doors and windows either in the northern or eastern portion. Try to get an extra large window constructed in the north western direction as this can help inflow of positive vibrations. Constructions should be avoided in the northern eastern corner of the upper floor of your home.

  • The roof of the rooms that are constructed in the upper part of your home should be a little tilted towards the north direction as this can prove to be highly beneficial for the inmates. The best colors that you can select for painting the interiors of the upper floor are light green and blue. The color black should never be used for painting the balcony or the veranda of the upper floor. ¬†Special consideration should also be given to the flooring of the upper portion. The flooring should be a little slanting towards the east direction.
  • If you are constructing the outlet for the drainage of rain water then it should only be constructed in the north eastern corner of the upper floor.
  • You must never consider storing heavy items and things in the upper flow as this creates imbalances. The lights and fans that you install in the upper portion of your home should always be less than the number you have installed the ground floor.
  • One important that Vastu principle is that basement areas should never be created for residential houses as this creates negative zones.

The principles of Vastu for the upper floor should be followed very carefully if you want to maintain in the inflow of positive vibration in your home.

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  1. I have an doubt, Is it good to construct M. bed room @ S.E Corner in First floor ??? Bcoz as per Vastu SouthEast is an Agni corner.

  2. i hv a plot size 25×50 north-east facing n want to make residence on ground floor and a gym house on the 1st floor. is it okay?

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