Kitchen Faucet is one of the essential elements. It cannot be ignored when it comes to designing of a Kitchen. Nowadays, Faucet is not just a functional tool but is also known for providing a different style to the kitchen. A kitchen faucet is frequently used and that is why it is important to buy a right faucet for the right kitchen. Before buying a faucet it is important that the faucet you buy is not only stylish but is also easy and convenient to use. It is also recommended not to compromise on quality of the faucet. There are many cheap designer faucets available in the market. But it is advisable to buy a branded faucet which will not only give a style, design and convenience but would also give assurance for longer durability. This guide will give you tips on how to select right faucet for your kitchen.

Faucet design patterns

The finish of faucets builds up unique style in the kitchen. There are different sets of Faucets available in the market with styles, designs, shapes to fit your kitchen décor. Before choosing the faucet with the right finish it is necessary to consider the wall color and textiles of the kitchen. The faucet you buy should match with the interiors of the room. Some of the popular faucets finishes are Faucets with Chrome furnishes, Bronze bathroom faucets, Faucets in brass texture and Brushed nickel finishes.

Some of the popular models of kitchen faucet are as follows:

  • Single lever
  • Two-handle
  • Faucets with a pullout spray
  • Wall-mounting faucets
  • Pot filler

The functionality of all the above faucet models has been discussed below. This will help you in taking decisions as of which faucet would better suit your kitchen:

Tips for kitchen faucets
Single lever kitchen faucet design

Single-lever faucets

These faucets allow you to control the flow of the water with just one lever. It is easy and convenient to use. Many people incorporate this into their kitchen as it can control both hot and cold water by its single hand. You can operate it by your single figure also if your hands are greasy. These are available in different styles and designs to suit your kitchen décor.

Two-handle faucets

These Faucets with their style and design create an elegant atmosphere in the kitchen. It has separate handles one for cold and another for hot water. This requires at least three holes in the sink.

Faucets with a pullout spray

The pullout spray faucets will give you convenience of enjoying the faucets integrated with a sprayer head. It completely eliminates the need of a separate sprayer. It is fantastic combination of functionality, style and fashion. Installing a faucet attached with soap dispenser and spray will not only save space but will also maintain cleanliness in the kitchen. It will also shed down wastage of soap.

Tips for kitchen faucets
Wall mount kitchen faucet design

Wall-mounted faucets

There are different options available in the market to mount the faucet. Wall mounting, single-hole deck faucet and double-hole deck faucet are the three options one can choose while mounting. In wall mounting the faucet will be attached to the wall of the kitchen. In Single-hole deck faucet mounting the faucet consists of handle and spouts mounted on a single hole in the sink base while on the other hand in Double-hole deck faucet, the handle and spouts are individually mounted on the sink. Nowadays, double-hole deck faucets are in popularity as they give a different style to the kitchen.

Pot filler faucets

It is one of the wonderful additions to your kitchen. These faucets can be used to fill large pots located in the kitchen. You can install them at any height. They are available in different sizes and finishes.

Quick Tips

  • It is not just enough to have a stylish and a designer faucet, it should be also easy and convenient to use. It should also serve the purpose of conserving water. No faucet should drain excess of water.
  • Check the water pressure in your kitchen. Check if the faucet that you have chosen is compatible enough to handle the pressure of the water.
  • Check the valve of the faucets. It is natural that the good faucet will cost more than the other local faucets in the market. Valves are used to control the flow of water delivered through the spout. It is necessary to have a good quality valve to avoid leakages and spills of water. The quality of valves varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • It is recommended to buy a branded faucet as it would give you both quality and warrantee on product.
  • You can add different accessories available in the market in your kitchen sink. Soap dispenser, side sprayer are some of the accessories to name.  These accessories can be attached to the holes available in the kitchen sink. More than three holes in the sink would be required to fit them.

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