Lighting is a key element in setting up the right mood. Every room has different set of roles in everyday life and lighting them would not only create warmth in the atmosphere but would also build up a welcoming atmosphere. It adds style and grace to each room and thus enhances the whole house. It is one the best ways to create a soothing environment in the home. Lighting is not only used to illuminate the rooms but is also used for artistic purposes. It can be used to highlight the stylish furnishing, colorful walls or decorative items. There are many options available to lighten up your home and give it a complete look. Various bulbs with different styles, designs and voltages are available in the market. And as lighting varies from room to room, these bulbs can be used based on the need, requirement and functionality of the rooms.

There are various options available to lighten up the bedroom, living rooms and kitchen. Strategic placement of traditional lamps, Ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting are the few options which you can use to create a better ambiance within the rooms. Below we have discussed each and every option so that you can understand as which lighting would be the best to illuminate your room. Also this guide will help you to understand the purpose of types of lighting and will further help you in making the right purchases.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is used to illuminate a particular work area. It is the lighting which gives bright and focused light. You can use this type of lighting where you want maximum light for working. Task lights are normally used in the working areas in the kitchen to cut and cook. They are also used in vanity area in the bathroom so as to get ready and in the reading room to read books. Task lighting can be used in different forms. You can include it as lamps as well.

Ambient and Accent Lighting

Ambient lighting gives the natural light effects. These are used to create a warm look within the room and can be used in living rooms as well as dining rooms. Accent lighting is one of the creative lighting options which can be used to create dramatic look within the room. These are used for highlighting key elements in the room like theme based accessories, highlighting fire place etc.As it is a difficult task to efficiently distribute the lighting throughout the room you are advised to be very careful while identifying the right type of lighting. We will now discuss how efficiently you can use the lighting to illuminate your room.

Tips for Bedroom task Lighting
Bedroom Lighting


Bedroom is one of the places in the home from where you normally start your day. It is place you get ready for work early morning. It is also the place where you relax after working for the whole day. Therefore as the bedroom serves both the services it becomes more important to efficiently distribute the lighting throughout the room. You can install several sources for light instead of having just single light at the center. The range of lights will serve all the purposes. If you want large amount of light in your room then you can illuminate all the light sources and if you want to create a relaxed environment then you can switch on few lights. You can place side table lamps on both sides of your bed. This will allow one person to relax and sleep and other person to read his favorite book. Remember to keep the light switch near your bed so that you do not have to every time get up to turn it on or off.  You can also use dim light pendants to create relax mood.

Tips for bathroom task Lighting
Bathroom Lighting


Bathroom is another place where you normally start your day. It is place you get ready for work early morning. It is also the place which is frequently used by family members during the day and night. Therefore a bathroom needs varied lighting. You can install a task light in the vanity area so as to get ready in the morning. This will also help you in applying makeup or shaving while going for a party. You can use dimmer controls or fixtures if you think the lighting is too high.

Living Rooms

Living room is the place for relaxation. Therefore it is advised to use dim lights which can not only create a welcoming environment but a calm and cool atmosphere within the room. However, if you have created a reading room then you can install a task light or a table lamp. Install a light opposite to your television to get a clear picture while viewing it.


Tips for kitchen task Lighting
Kitchen Task Lighting

Kitchen is the place where you cook and therefore it the place where you often need enough light while cooking. In kitchen, bright lighting becomes necessary to illuminate to highlight key areas like work place for cooking and cabinets. You can use task lights in these key areas. Track lighting with halogen bulbs is other option which can be used to illuminate your kitchen. These are not only easier to install but can be adjusted as per your needs and requirements.

Dining Rooms

You can use a chandelier or dim light pendants above your table to create a relaxing and comfortable environment to eat and gossip. You can also install bright bulbs along with dimmer control or can install recessed ceiling fixtures which you can adjust as per your requirement.

Things to keep in mind

  • Firstly, one should be clear about the directions to which your room is facing to (i.e whether it is south facing or north facing).
  • You should also assess as of how much amount of light that particular room draws in during the day. This will help you in taking decisions relating to lighting because the level of light the room draws changes from season to season. For example, during summers the room facing towards North would receive less light while in winters it might become a little dark during afternoons.

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