Vastu Energy Plate

Vastu Energy Plate- What Is it Exactly?

Vastu energy plates are very similar to vastu pyramids and vastu yantra. Just like the yantra and the pyramid, the energy plates also help in the creation of positive vibrations all around you. The energy plate is used for the correction of defects and defaults that are found in most houses and buildings. Vastu science is basically related to the construction and architectural aspect. There are various vastu principles related to different aspects of human life that can help you in numerous ways. The four directions, namely south, north, east and west are considered to be very important while formulating the vastu principles.

You will see that there are various vastu defects and defaults in your home as well as the surrounding area. The vastu plates are a great why that would help in removing the imbalances that arise in your home due to the defects. These devices would surely bless your home with positive inflow of energy. Some important points that you need to keep in mind about the vastu plates are mentioned below.

All about the Vastu plates

Vastu Energy Plate
Vastu Energy Plate

Vastu plates are also known as the energy plates and they are available to you in different colors that symbolize different activities and you can purchase them according to your needs and requirements. They are known all around the world for their super natural power that you can get with the installation of these plates in your home and office. You will see that the vastu plates are just like the sacred amulet or talismans that are made with precious elements like copper, gold and silver. They are used as precious elements and are kept inside your home at times. This plate is very powerful when it comes to removing negative energy from your surrounding area. These plates are basically installed in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, study room, pooja room and kitchen. The plates should never be installed in your toilet and bathroom area.

Installation of the Vastu plates

You must install the vastu plates under the flooring of your room as this would help in fetching the maximum amount of benefits for you. The thickness of the of the plate should be at least 10mm. The plate consists of two plastic plates in between which the

Metallic portion is added. If you want you can also consider purchasing the plates which are covered with aluminium coil. The plates should be laid in the corner of each room and not in the centre. You must install total of four plates in your home and only your living area and bedrooms should be considered. Once the plate is laid on the floor it should be covered with tile covering or cement. The room which have installed vastu plates receive all the positive energy and inflow of good vibrations.

Benefits of the Vastu plates

The vastu plates help in the creation of pyramid energy field which is very essential for the happiness and prosperity of the people residing in the house. The most important symbol of Hindu mythology which is known Swastika is usually depicted on the vastu plates. In order to get the best results it is very important for you to install the plates in the right direction and location.

Installing the vastu plates in your home and office can really be very beneficial for you in the long run. You can also take the help of vastu experts.

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