Vastu for Shop/Showroom- How To Create Positive Vibrations

There are various businessmen who have showrooms are shops for selling different varieties of products. In order to get the maximum profits it is highly essential for you to follow the vastu principles because they would guide you about the correction location, direction and position of your shops. Vastu principles are very old and they are being used since the ancient times. They help in bringing prosperity and happiness to your home and the surrounding area. In order to increase the sales in your Showroom it is highly essential for you to remove the vastu defects otherwise you would never be able to achieve success in the long run.

Vastu has some very special principles that would be followed for your shop or showroom. Taking the help of the vastu principles would surely give you an edge over other shop owners. The principles would also help you in earning the maximum amount of profits. Some great vastu rules for your shop and showroom are mentioned below.

Vastu for Shop and Showroom

Some of the most important vastu principles that you must follow for the prosperity of your shop and showroom are given in this article.

  • Make sure that the entrance of your shop is in the north east or east direction. This would help you in attracting the maximum number of prospective clients.
  • Every shop has a cash counter. You must make sure that the cash counter should always be installed in the position where it can open towards the north direction. If the shop also has a cash or locker room then it should be installed in the south western portion of the shop and the entrance of the room must always be in the northern portion.
  • The head manager or the owner of the shop must always sit in the south or the west direction as this is most profitable for them. They should face towards the north or east direction.
  • The shop or the showroom must never be of an irregular shape as this can create various different problems for you. Always try to purchase a shop which square or rectangular in shape. This would help in generating maximum profits for your business.
  • If you have extended the shop then make sure that it is not in the wrong direction and it should also not face any type or irregularities. Any type of irregularity can be very bad for the business and you might have to face losses.
  • If you are placing statues or pictures of deities in your shop then make sure that they are always kept in the north east position and in the right direction. This would be highly beneficial for your business.
  • Raw materials and other type of heavy stuffs must always be kept in the south western portion of the room in order to bring good luck.
  • If you have installed other electronic equipments in your shop like computers, television, refrigerator and microwave then it would be better for you to keep all these gadgets in the south eastern corner of your showroom for maximum benefits.
  • The doors of your showroom or shop should never make additional noise as this would bring bad luck to the area.

Well these are some excellent Vastu principles for your shop and showrooms that you must surely use in order to bring insure the inflow of wealth.

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  1. My showroom of tiles and sanitary is so that its north wall is extended in east ,what are the main tips for me

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