Vastu for Health and Wealth

Vastu Shastra plays a very vital role in our lives and it is important for the people to design as per the guidelines of Vastu experts in order to have the benefit of  happiness and prosperity in their life.

  • Front door is a major part of the home and is the main source for energy flow. There should be no obstacle at the front door and there should be a clean wide open space in front of the door which is actually essential to get good energy inside. The front door needs to be well connected to rest of the home so that all the good energy is invited through this door and it can easily reach every corner of the house.
  • If the entrance to your apartment lies at the end of a long corridor, the energy flowing towards it will be too fierce, increasing risk to your financial investments. Its effect can be diluted by keeping a plant halfway down the corridor.
  • There should be no shoes or slippers lying scattered around the main door of the house. Allow the space at the main door to be free and clear. The energy that rides with the wind will be corrupted with the dirt and smell of shoes and slippers and while entering your house will cause losses.
  • Make your front door distinctive to attract wealth within. Color it different from the neighboring walls.
  • Keep the windows clean and sparkling, as dirty glass restricts the flow of money.
  • Fish aquariums are very positive for wealth. Choose some active and healthy fish and try to make sure that they are strong swimmers. Keep the water dirt free and aerated. The constant movement of fish will keep the energy of wealth on the move.
  • Place decorative boulders or curved pathways or pebbles around your building. This will increase the movement of financial energy in a business that is suffering from setbacks.
  • If your expenses are spiraling beyond control, keep live plants or grains in the toilet. It will prevent the money from going down the drain, because, symbolically, growing things reabsorb water energy and recycle it.
  • The money safe of the house should be in the southwest corner of the entire building. In your personal room, keep it in the southwest corner of the room’s floor space.
  • Keep a mirror to reflect your cash box or locker. It, symbolically, doubles your wealth and opportunities.
  • Make sure all clocks within your house are in working order. If not, fix them or give them away, Clock, which do not work bring your finances to stand still. Slow clocks signify that you are behind your due date always.
  • The almirah in which jewelry, valuables and important papers are kept should be positioned very carefully, according to Vastu. The ideal location is at the west-side wall, facing the east, or a southwest corner facing the east or the north. Locating the almirah at the south wall facing the north also brings good fortune. It should be preferably open to the north, which is the direction of Kuber, the God of wealth.
  • Purple is the color which represents wealth. Keeping a purple-colored plant in the southeast corner would be beneficial. Else, a money plant could be grown in a purple colored pot and placed in the southeast corner of the office or drawing room of the house.
  • The most important part of a house is the bedroom, as people spend a lot of time in this room, so it is important for the people to carefully reflect upon different aspects in order to focus good energy. The bed inside the room should not touch the walls, the room should not have a slanting floor and the center part should be kept clean.
  • Always open your bedroom windows for at least 20 minutes a day to allows fresh energy to come in. If not, you will be sleeping with stale energy every night. And if that happens, then how can you expect your life to let more good fortune to come to you.
  • The bed should always be one foot above the ground to facilitate free flow of energy on the bedroom floor. Restriction in the flow of energy would also curtail your wealth earning chances.
  • Unlike doors, windows should be kept open most of the time, as it helps the energy to flow with in the home and all around which actually helps in forming a vital link with the outside environment.
  • Dining room is a place where people have their food and so this room should be clean, away from toilet and main door and most importantly, it should have a calm environment. If the dining areas are not kept clean, then it can allow the negative energy to enter inside.
  • Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. Wash them as soon as you can. But not cleaning up as soon as possible shows a sense of incompleteness and disorganization in your finances.
  • The burner stoves present in the kitchen actually represent wealth and this is the reason that it should always be kept away from the washbasins. In addition to the cleanliness factor, the stove should be in a good working condition.
  • Dustbins should have covers. Keep them covered all the time. Avoid garbage cans, which are perforated on the sides. Wealth energy gets corrupted otherwise.
  • Blocked plumbing indicates blocked financial energy somewhere in the occupant’s life. Clean up all your drains and ensure proper outflow of waste water.
  • Toilet works as an outlet for the negative energy which allows the negative vibes to move out of the home. This is one reason that it should be maintained clean and if it is not kept hygienic, the entire house gets polluted with negative vibes.
  • Breezy windows will assist the flow of energy in bathrooms and toilets. Otherwise toilets can actually pollute energy. We have to encourage the speedy flow of energy here, wash away the pollution and replace the energy as quickly as possible.
  • Do not have toilets above the main entrance. They generate negative energies, which will interfere with the positive energies entering through the main entrance.
  • Ensure that the taps in your bathroom or kitchen do not drip. The constant dripping produces negative energy. Dripping taps signify leaking wealth.
  • If money tends to disappear from your life, place a solid, heavy metal object in south – west corner of your house

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