Vastu for Storing Money and Valuables


  • The positioning of locker or safe for valuables should always be in South-west but facing North in other words ¬†should be kept in such a way that the person opening it should face south direction and the locker or safe should open towards the North for better security and safety.
  • Keep the locker room tidy and clutter free to invite more wealth.
  • Put a small mirror in the valuable/cash box to reflect the money.
  • Height of this room should be equal to other rooms and shape should be regular either square or rectangle.
  • The Walls of the Storage box or the locker should be pained yellow or Mustard. This leads to an increase in wealth
  • The locker room should have only one door, preferably with two panels. The doors of locker room should be in north or east direction. Windows should be in east and north directions in this room.


  • Locker rooms should not have doors in south-east, south-west, north-west and in south directions.
  • Avoid placing any deity or idol in the room used for storing money and valuables.
  • A cash box must never be near the main door, back door, a window, or ventilator.
  • The locker should not be visible to people coming in the house/office and one must ensure that it must have some concrete or solid foundation.
  • A cash box must never be visible from the bathroom, toilet, store room, main gate, kitchen, puja room, stairway or basement.
  • It must never be against any of the four corners of a room.
  • Never Keep the Cash Locker empty and do not store anything below it.
  • The room used for treasure or safe should not be used for other storage purpose.
  • A cash box must never be very close to or against a door.
  • It must not be in the last or first rooms, or near the main gate.
  • Never ever, under any circumstance, place the cash locker under any beam as this puts a lot of financial stress on family or business.

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