Vastu for Mirrors

The reason why mirrors are considered powerful tool in vastu shastra is very simple. In vastu shastra mirrors are believed to attract and repel positive energy but they suck up all the negative energies.

Thinking of decorating your home or office with Mirrors. Keep in mind the following simple Vastu tips

  • Square or rectangular shape mirrors are best. Avoid oval and round shaped mirrors.
  • Place mirrors, wall clocks, glass showpieces and decorative items (that may reflect light) on North or East walls only.  If mirrors are placed facing North-East directions,they may reflect back the positive energy.
  • Do not place mirrors opposite to each other in a room as they conjure up an image of constant movement away from the self, with no grounding influence and give rise to restlessness and impatience.
  • If a mirror is placed in front of the main door or entrance of a home then it will reflect away all the positive energies that will otherwise enter the home.
  • Fixed mirrors are to be used instead of sliding or projected mirrors
  • Ensure that all the mirrors are at least 4 to 5 feet above the floor.
  • Keep a dressing table with a big mirror by the side of bed as it’s considered auspicious. If a mirror is in the bedroom with/without dressing table then make sure than none of the body part is visible in the mirror while sleeping on the bed.
  • Normal mirrors are preferred to magnifying mirrors which may distort the image
  • Damaged or broken mirrors should not be used as they reflect and disperse positive energy into different directions
  • Mirrors which reflect a distorted image should not be kept on the premises.
  • Mirror tiles are not recommended for use either in kitchen, bathroom or any other wall
  • If a mirror is placed in front of a cash locker then it represents doubling up of cash.
  • If your home has a cut in any corner then placing mirrors in that direction eliminates that defect. Placing a mirror in that direction works as a remedy to give deepness to that direction.
  • Placing a mirror reflecting a dining table symbolizes doubling of food and attracts wealth.
  • A common vastu defect is having a wall at the center of a home, to eliminate this defect you can place a mirror on it to correct it.
  • If you have something in your home which has negative energy in it, then place a mirror in front of that thing. The mirror will suck all the negative energy from that “thing”.
  • Never place a mirror on South and West direction walls, this helps to avoid disintegration around in your personal space area.
  • Avoid hanging a mirror near the study table in children’s bedroom as it makes them to lose concentration in studies.
  • Avoid hanging mirror in West wall especially in children’s bedroom else they will be busy in impressing people of opposite gender.
  • Avoid mirror near a staircase.

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