Vastu Tips for Happy Family

The Following Tips and Remedies will help in achieving a happier and more fulfilling family life.

Pictures and Other Decor

  • Pictures of late family members and ancestors should be hanged on South wall on the South-West corner. If south wall is not available then on west wall. Ensure that they are facing towards north or east.
  • Don’t keep pics of late family members in Temple or place of worship.
  • Displaying pictures that remind you of loved ones and happy memories will bring good energy to a room. Ensure that Live people pictures are not mixed with ancestors/dead people. Live people pics are better placed east or North.
  • Never keep any of the scenes from Mahabharata or pictures depicting any kind of war or unpleasant events  in your house. This includes idols/statues of demons and pictures of wild or deadly animals.
  • The dancing Shiva or Nataraja symbolizes destruction as this dance form is actually ‘Tandava Nritya’. Thus an image or show piece of Nataraja should never be there in your house.
  • A sinking boat represents a deteriorating setting in the relationships between family members in that house. So if you have that in your houses remove it immediately. Water sump, water body, water well towards Northeast bestows wealth, peace in the house.

Water Sources

  • The ideal place for sinking a well or borewell in a site is Northeast direction. Meticulous care has to be taken while sinking a water borewell or sump on in a plot. The bore well or water sump may be towards Northeast north or Northeast east.
  • Check if there is a water source (water stump or well) in the South-west of the house and if so, close it by filling it up with cement or earth.


  • When the floor level towards South is elevated than the house remaining floor level then residents will enjoy with good income and family life.


  • A separate shed or store room towards South augurs very well to the residents, it protects the security, finance, happiness in the house.


  • All the heavy and permanent items should be placed in the south-west corner of the building or plot. Family life will be more and more happy if more heavy items are placed in the rooms on the south-west and south sides
  • The more is lighter items in the north, north-east and north-west directions, the more happy will be the life of the family in the house.
  • Shadow of trees falling on the building is inauspicious and causes troubles. It is better if there are no tall trees in the east. Trees in the west are good.
  • Care should be also be taken to see that no door is either on the south or West of the South-west of the building. A door on the South west of a building (or room ) is likely to create family disturbances.
  • A kitchen in North-East or South West causes mental tension among family members and they suffer great losses.
  • Repair broken stairs immediately else it may cause accident and conflict in family due to mental tension.

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