Vastu Shastra and Colors

Importance Of Color in Vastu Shastra

Colors play a very important role in every person’s life. Without colors our life would be extremely dull and monotonous. Colors also have a very important role to play in vastu. When it comes to deciding the perfect colors for painting the interior as well exterior of your home, it is very important to keep the correct color combination in mind. There are certain colors that create negative energies therefore they must be avoided at all costs. The basic importance of different hues is that they stimulating our mind and soul. They also help in creating positive vibration all around us. The hues also have a great impact on our mood, emotional and physical health and happiness.

Vastu lays down special principles regarding the colors that we must select for creating the right balance. The right combination of hues not only enhance the interiors of your home but they also help in creating an atmosphere of love, happiness and positive energy. In this article, I would like to tell you about vastu guidelines that you must keep in mind while selecting the right colors for your home.

The Vastu of Colors

  • Colors are very important for making our surroundings appear pleasant and full of life. Nature has provided us millions and millions of different colors that have really filled our lives with little joys and loads of fun. According to Vastu certain colors are associated with particular directions. Light shades of green, cream and white are most suitable for northeast, pale and smoky red are the most appropriate for the south west, pure red is for the west, blue, grey, black and white are the most suitable colors for the northeast direction whereas white should be chosen for the east direction.
  • Particular rooms of your house should be painted in particular colors. For your bedroom area you must surely select a combination of light hues that can sooth your senses. Some of the shades that would be most suitable for the bedroom are lavender, pink, green, blue and gray. These colors should create a harmonic balance in your room and would also allow you to sleep in the most convenient manner.
  • Study room is the room where your child has to study that is why for increasing concentration and thinking power some of the colors that you must select for painting this room are light purple, blue and green. These colors also help in enhancing memory and alertness.
  • Importance of Colors in Vastu
    Importance of Colors in Vastu

    Kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home because most housewives tend to spend their entire day in this room. Red is the color that depict fire that is why some or the other part of your kitchen must surely have this color. If you want you can even consider red colored wall papers. The most appropriate shades for painting your ceilings and floors are all the shades of blue.

  • According to the vastu principles, you can get your bathroom and toilets painted in pink, gray, white and other pastel shades according to your likes and preferences.
  • Children like vibrant and exotic hues therefore you can consider painting your child’s room in bright colors like blue, yellow, orange, purple and red. If you want you can use a combination of different hues and shades for painting the room.
  • The guestroom room should have an ambiance of positive energy and vibrancy, in order to create this, some of the best preferred colors are orange, lighter shades, lavender, blue, yellow and green.
  • In order to keep your room fresh and comfortable, it is very important for you to keep the doors and windows open in order to maintain the inflow of energy. If your room lies in the direct path of sunlight then avoid painting it with yellow and orange. It is always encouraged to paint your ceiling white as this helps in keeping the room cool.

Colors, Directions and Planets

Every color is based on a particular direction represented by different planets-

Color Direction Planet
White East Sun
Blue West Saturn
Green North Mercury
Pink, Coral Red South Mars
Shades of yellow, Cream North-East Jupiter
All shades of Green South-West Rahu
Silver White South-East Venus
White North-West Moon

Vastu Colors for Home

Color Rooms
Pink , Light Green, Light Blue Bedroom
Yellow, Green, Blue, Beige And Tan Living Room
White, Orange, Yellow, Rose Pink, Red And Chocolate Kitchen
White, Mixture Of White And Black, Gray Colors, Pink And Other Pastel Colors Bathroom
Green, Pink And Blue Dining Room

You can use various different colors to create a pleasant ambiance and for enhancing the look of your home.

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