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People who do not have the space or money for the construction of their factory in some other area often consider construction it near their home or in the same compound where the main building of their house is placed. For the efficient operation of the factory a large amount of capital, raw materials and labour is required. The principles of vastu for a factory situated with residence are very different from the ones that are made for factory situated in some other area. Vastu not only guides us about the correct positioning and location of the factory but it also tells us where the machines and raw material should be installed and kept respectively.

If a factory is installed with the residence then it can really disrupt the life of the inmates that is why in order to maintain harmony and tranquility in that area, the vastu principles should be followed. Some important guidelines that are related to factory with residence are mentioned below.

Factory With Residence Vastu

  • The construction and design of the factory that is located in your residential area should always be considered according to the vastu principles. If both your factory and house is located in the same area then make sure that you construct the house in the south western portion and the factory can be located in any other corner.
  • The north-eastern part of the area should be not used for constructing any building, but if you can not avoid this then you can use this area for the construction of a store room where you can store the raw materials that would be used in your factory.
  • Factory With Residence Vastu
    Vastu for Factory With Residence

    All the machines and equipments which are used for the production process should be installed in the south eastern portion of the plot. If you follow the rules of vastu then you can create a harmonic balance between the factory and your home.

  • Make sure you plant as many trees and shrubs as you can in this area. This is very important aspect of vastu as trees and plants would help in creating a natural ambiance which would be good for the inmates as well as the workers employed in the factory. While you are at this task, make sure that you place the flowering plants and small shrubs only in the north-eastern portion of the plot. The big trees should be planted in the south-eastern or north western portion of your home.
  • If you want to protect your house and factory from direct sunlight then place the tall trees in the south-western portion as they would help in blocking the direct sunlight. Some common plants that are beneficial for you are aloevera and rose, thorny plants like cactus and orange should be avoided at all costs. Bonsai plants are considered to be very good for the interior of your home therefore you can consider planting them.
  • If you want to install creepers in your factory and home then this should only be done in the western of southern portion. Creepers that have very big thorns should never be used. Big trees and plants should never be planted in the centre of the plot or in front of them in entrance of your home because they block the positive energy that is coming from different directions.
  • The factory and the house should never be located too close to each other. Try to maintain sufficient amount of distance when you are getting both the buildings constructed.

In order to create the proper balance between the factory and your home if they are located in the same plot or area you really need to follow all the important vastu principles that are provided in this article.

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