Servant Quarters Vastu- Significant Guidelines For You

Homes where servants are employed on a regular basis have extra rooms which are known as the servant quarters. Generally the servant quarters are made for your driver, gardener, house keeper and maid, etc. The rooms for the servants are usually made in big and affluence houses and bungalows that have extra area to fit in the servant quarters. Most people prefer getting these quarters constructed away from the main building of the home. They may be constructed in the backyard or in the porch area. The most appropriate place where you can provide shelter to your servants is mentioned in the vastu principles. Vastu briefly tells you about the correct position, location and direction which should be used for the construction of these quarters.

If you have not constructed the servant rooms according to the vastu principles then you must immediately consult a vastu expert or consultant who would be able to guide you in the correct manner. Some vastu principles related to the construction of the servant quarters in your home are mentioned below.

Servant Quarters Vastu Principles that you must know about:

  • As I have already mentioned in the beginning of the article, it is very important for you to construct the servant room away from the main building of your house. The rooms for the servants should always be constructed in the northwest or south-eastern portion of the house. Make sure that the servant quarters do not touch the walls of the house.
  • You will see that the most ideal position for servant quarters according to the vastu principles is in the west direction and they should not touch the south-eastern corner of the house in all situations. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that the room must also not be placed too close to the northwest corner and they should be situated in the southern portion. A distance of at least 1 meter should be maintained between the boundary walls the servant rooms.
  • The perfect placement of the rooms would ensure harmony in your home and you would also not face any troubles in relation to your servants.
  • The northwest and the south-eastern corners should never be blocked by these rooms as this would create vastu defects and imbalances. If the room are not created in the proper direction then this can cause conflicts between the servant and master. The owner should be able to have full control over the deeds that are performed by the servant that is vastu gives a lot of importance to the correct placement of the servant rooms.
  • If you servant is staying in quarters that are placed in the south west and north east direction this can cause the servant to commit various frauds like theft and robbery.
  • Some other things that should be kept in mind relating to the servants room are the proper direction and position of windows and doors in the room. The correct placement of electrical appliances, the direction in which the entrance door is constructed, the color combination that is used for painting the interiors, the proper positioning of the bed and the location of the bathroom and toilet.
  • The number of rooms that are constructed in one area is also an important consideration for you.

Placing the servant quarters in the right location, direction and position is very important for you in order to maintain the well being of the inmates. This type of thoughtful construction not only gives a well planned or managed look to your home but it also brings prosperity in your home.

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