Vastu for Parking

Parking Vastu-The Best Things You Need To Know

Parking area is an essential need in your home as well as other commercial areas. Without adequate space for parking, it can really become extremely difficult for you to park your vehicle in a safe and convenient manner. In homes we usually have a garage for parking our vehicles whereas in commercial areas, large parking zones and underground area are used. The parking area which is constructed according to the vastu principles would ensure the safety of your vehicle. The area in your home that you are using for parking your motor vehicle should never be neglected. You must make proper provisions to ensure that the area is constructed and designed according to the vastu rules.

People often ignore the proper placement of the parking area which eventually creates various defects in their homes. So, now let us discuss about some essential rules and principles that should be kept in mind regarding the construction of the parking space.

Vastu Principles for parking

  • Vastu has some very important principles when it comes to the construction of your garage and parking your vehicles. It is seen that the most appropriate position of the garage would be in the southeast or the northwest portion of your home. This would helping removing the defects and would also insure the safety of your vehicle.
  • If you are placing your car or any other vehicle in the garage area then you must make sure that if the garage is located in the northwest direction then you must always place your car in the west position. People who park their car in such a way are the ones who generally travel a lot.
  • The cars that are parked in the south-western direction would need repair from time to time.
  • The slope of the parking area is another very important thing that you need to consider. Make sure that it is in the downward slope as this is considered to be good according to the Vastu principles. Make sure that the slope is made in the north or east direction.
  • If you are considering painting the interiors of the garage then you must only select light hues like white, blue and yellow as these colors are considered to be positive for this area.
  • The garage should never be made congested. There should be at least some space left on either side so that people can walk easily from one side to another. The inflow of light and sufficient amount of air is also very important in the garage area.
  • The gate or the entrance way of the garage is another factor that you must keep in mind. The most ideal direction is east or the north. The height of the gate should never be more than that of the walls of the garage. The door should be such that it can open without any extra pushing or pulling.
  • Unnecessary damages can be caused to your garage if inflammable material or useless substances are stored in this area.
  • The northeast direction is considered to be filled with various positive energies therefore you must never park your car in this area. Parking your car in this area would obstruct the vibrations.

Parking your car in a garage or parking area that is constructed according to the Vastu principles is very beneficial for you as it ensures the safety of your vehicle. However this all significantly contributes towards the prosperity of your home.

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