Usually every house has some extra area in front of the main constructed area which is generally known as the courtyard or porch area. This area can be used for various purposes according to your needs and requirements. You will see that if this area lies between the east and north direction then this would be highly profitable for you. While you are getting the porch area constructed in your house it is exceedingly vital for you to keep some Vastu principles in mind that would insure peace and success. The morning sunlight that you receive on a daily basis should not be blocked by any construction that is done on the Verandah. This is one of the main points that you need to keep in mind.

In order to remove all the defects and Vastu defaults, it would be better for you to plan out the construction of you home according to the principles that are laid down by Vastu. Some essential points regarding the construction of your Verandah and porch according to Vastu are mentioned as under:

Vastu principles for Porch & Patio

  • In order to increase the value of your property you must try to get the porch area constructed in between the east and north directions. You will see that early morning sunlight is extremely crucial for all living beings therefore no obstruction should be there on the Porch to block the sunlight from reaching your home.
  • The porch is basically assessed through the main gate and you can either have an open Porch or a closed one. The design of this area must surely follow all the Vastu guidelines for achieving prosperity, contentment and wealth.
  • If you build a small room near the porch area then this would be extra advantageous for you.  The room should be build very close to the porch wall in the southwest region of the house and it should not have many windows or doors. Make sure that the flooring of this room is higher than the flooring of rest of your home. If you want you can use this as a store room to store things that are not in use. The construction of the room is very important because helps in correcting all the Vastu defects and defaults.
  • There are many people who also use their porch area as a garage, if you are doing the same then there are some special Vastu guidelines that you must follow. The location of the garage should always be in the north east or the south west direction. If the room is made underground then it should be located in the east and north directions only.
  • When you place your car in the porch then make sure it faces the east or north direction. This is very essential for the happiness and peace of the inmates. The car should never be parked too near the compound wall.
  • Some of the basic colours that you can use for painting this area are yellow, white and other pastel shades. Makes sure that you only select light hues. The dark colours like grey and black should always be avoided.
  • The design of the Porch should be kept as simple as possible.

The Patio or the porch would be constructed according to the Vastu guidelines as this would provide you home positive vibrations and would also helps in removing all the defects. So whenever you plan a home improvement or new construction, keep these simple yet effective points in mind.

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  1. My house is rectangular, main door is mid north. South west corner of my backyard is patio which with solid ceiling but this patio comes with in boundry of my rectangular house. Do i call it a cut in my south west corner? If yes, should boundry this whole open patio with fine steel nets?

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