Vastu for Land or Plot

Vastu for Land or Plot-All That You Need To Know

Purchasing a new plot or land is not something that you do on a regular basis that is why you need to be very careful while you are investing your money on the purchase of a new plot. The plot or land that you use buy be used for different purposes like for the construction of a house, factory or office. Before starting the construction on the plot, if you want you can also place a vastu yantra for prosperity and wealth. You will see that vastu shastra is very closely related with the construction, purchase and position of land and buildings henceforth while acquiring the plot you must surely consult the basic principles of vastu. Some important aspects that you must think about are the location, direction and position of your plot.

You must never purchase the plot from an insolvent person as this can bring bad luck. Vastu experts would be able to give you the best advice that you require for such purchase. Well now let us discuss about some vastu principles that would be highly beneficial for you while you are purchasing a new land.

Vastu for Land or Plot

  • Before the construction of a building on the plot or piece of land it is very important for you to get a plot analyses done. This would help you in avoiding potential problems that may arise in the future. A plot analysis would also help you in achieving tranquilly, happiness and prosperity and all the other things that you desire for the construction on the particular piece of land.
  • The size, location, position and the shape of the land that you purchase is of utmost importance when it comes to following the vastu guidelines. An expert would really be able to guide you in a better manner about the important aspects of purchasing the land.
  • You must know that you must never purchase the plot or the land from people who are mad, insolvents, are in any kind of trouble or who are not the natives of your country.
  • Some plots that you should never consider purchasing are the ones that do not have a title deed, have been allotted to temples or charitable institutes as donation, and are allotted to the watchman of village or colony or the land that is owned by charitable organizations.
  • Land that has been lying isolated and have huge ant hills, boulders, skeletons and sand hills should also be not purchased.
  • When it comes to the construction of the building on the plot, then the direction plays a very important role. You can select the direction and location according to your profession or business. People who are teachers, scholars, priests, philosophers should purchase a plot which faces the east direction. East facing plots are very good for their professional growth as it would help them to create awareness and spread knowledge. People, who are government or administrative positions, must select plots north facing plots. On the other hand business class people should go for land that is facing the south direction.
  • If you are constructing a building on a plot that is fertile and surrounding by plants and trees then this would surely help in providing you various advantages.
  • The plots that are located near religious places like temples have a very adverse impact on the inmates. If the temple is located near the plot then it causes material loss, grief and obstructs personal development.
  • The elevation of the plot that you purchase should also be kept in mind. The depressions and elevations in different directions are considered according to the vastu guidelines.
  • If there is a river or canal near the plot and the flow of water is from the west to the east, then it is surely a very auspicious sign for you.

Purchasing the right kind of plot or land is highly important for you. If the location, direction and position of your plot are approved by the vastu principles then you would surely benefit from it in the long run.

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