Vastu for Store Room

Storage Room Vastu- Essential Principles That You Must Follow

You will see that a storage room is found almost in every home, office, factory and showroom. This is room which is generally used for storing things that are presently not in use by the inmates. You can store office accessories, home furniture and factory equipment in this room. A store room may be very large or small, it all depends on your needs and requirements. According to vastu there are various things that should be kept in mind while constructing this essential part of your home. If the storeroom is not constructed in the right manner or position then this can create various Vastu defects, which you must avoid at all costs.

Unwanted and unused items are generally disposed off in your storeroom. If you are not very sure about the placement of your store room then you can also take the help of vastu consultants who would be able to guide you in a better manner. So, now let us discuss some vastu principles that should be kept in mind for the construction of the store room.

Storage Room Vastu

  • According to the vastu principles, the storeroom should always be located in the southwest or north-western portion of the house to maintain peace and tranquilly. You will see that storing grains and other household products in the north-western portion can be very good for your home. If you want to store heavy equipments in the room, the store should be made in the south west direction.
  • You have to see that the storage room should never be located in the east or north direction. The doors and windows should also be made in the south west side of the store for maximum inflow of energy. If you want you can also get two shutters constructed in this room.
  • When it comes to the cabinets then they can be installed in either on the west or north portion of the room. Edibles must always be kept in the south-eastern corner of the store room.
  • There are only few colors that you must select for painting the walls of your store room. The colors are basically white, yellow or blue. Try to use one of these colors only for painting the interiors of the room.
  • For prosperity and inflow of wealth, you must also place the picture of Lord Vishnu on the wall that lies towards the east direction.
  • One should never sleep in the store room as this can adversely affect their health. Sleeping in this area often leads to health problems as the vibrations in the room tend to obstruct one’s imagination.
  • Empty containers of vessels should never be stored in this area. Always make sure that they are filled with something or the other.
  • There are many people who also store water in the storage area. If you are one of them then make sure that water is stored in big pitchers and containers.
  • The provisions that you purchase for an entire year should be stored in the south west direction whereas the portions for your daily use must be kept in towards the north east direction.
  • The store room should never be irregular in shape, it can either be square or rectangular in the shape.

As the store room is an integral part of your house it is very important for you to construct it in the right direction and location.

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