Vastu for Study Table- The Right Position That You Must Consider

In order to study in the most efficient and convenient manner it is very important for you to place your study table according to the vastu principles. Study requires a lot of concentration and efforts that is why in addition to the hard work you also need to correct your study position. Your study room should also be placed in the right direction so that you can study with a peaceful mind. There are some special rules and regulations that are laid down by vastu for the correct placement of the study room as well as study table. Other than the study table, the placement of the bookshelf, wall colours and lightening should also be kept in mind while designing your study room.

Vastu is a very special science that tells us all about the correct position and placement of various accessories in our home and office. In order to gather some important information about exact placement of the study table and study room, you must consult the points stated below.

Vastu For the Study Table Positioning

The placement of the study table in the right position and direction is very important for the good concentration.

  • The study table should be placed in such a way that the person studying should face the north or the east direction. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that the table should not be placed too close to the walls of the room. There should be an open area in front of the person. This helps in insuring the inflow of new ideas.
  • If you can then place the chair of the study table in front of a solid wall so that your child can get support while they are studying.
  • The study table that your children use should either be square or rectangular in shape and it should neither be too small or big and it should never have an irregular shape. You will see that a small table can be very uncomfortable and the same thing goes for an extra large table.
  • The study table should resemble a working desk as this would boost up the morale of your child while he is studying. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that glass should not be used in any way for the construction of the table.
  • If the study table is placed in the east direction then the lamp should be kept in the south east, but is the table is placed in the north direction then the lamp should be kept in the north west position as efficiency.

Vastu Principles For The Study Room Layout

There are certain vastu principles that should be kept in mind relating to the position of the study room.

  • The study room of your child should always be in the west, northwest or in the east direction. The room should be proper lit so that your child does not face any problems while studying.
  • Constructing toilets in the studying room is a drawback that you must avoid at all costs. The book shelf and the book rack should always be placed in the southern or western wall of the room for the best results.
  • If you want steady inflow of energy then a pyramid can also be kept near the study table.

Vastu principles are very important for the correct placement of the study room and study table that is why you must follow them while placing the study table.


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