When choosing a home for renting or for buying the following vastu tips should be kept in mind.

  • Plot/Land – The plot or land must be a regular shaped rectangle or a square and should not slope downwards to the South and / or West.
  • Shape: Select a house which has a more or less rectangular or square built up area. If the flat has extended in North East direction and south west direction, it can be accepted. But flats extending in any other direction are not much comfortable.
  • Walls: When choosing an apartment, check correctly that all rooms have 4 corners or walls.
  • Entrance: When buying an apartment, the entrance of the block will be considered as the entrance. This should be from north or north east. South or west is not recommended as the afternoon infrared rays are harmful to health.
  • Sunlight & cross ventilation: Good ventilation and proper sunlight holds great importance in Vastu, so it’s important to make sure there is ample sunlight coming into the house and there is good cross ventilation. Windows and balconies in either north or east direction are ideal as morning sunlight brings positive energies. Additionally, there must be more space in North/East as compared to South/West.
  • Kitchen: South-east corner is the ideal place for the kitchen. Also, kitchenette and lavatories must not be neighboring in the home. Avoid choosing a house which has a kitchen in the North-East.
  • Circulation: As per Vaastu, the center of the apartment must be light; hence it is best to place in there the living room, from where every room is accessible. This will make the apartment look spacious and also help in having good ventilation. Avoid kitchen or toilets in the centre.
  • Water storage tank: Water tank should be placed in the north eastern corner of the roof so that it absorbs the early morning sunrays rich in ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet rays of the sun help in purifying the water.
  • Toilets & bathrooms: The toilets and bathrooms must be built in the south west corner or south direction. The reason is that the wind direction in India throughout the year is north east to south west & if a toilet is placed in north east, then the wind will enter the rooms passing through the toilets and contaminate the air.
  • Kids’ rooms: According to Vastu the ideal place for the kid’s room is North- East or North West. Sun is never in the north so it is best to have a kid’s room window on the north wall. This will bring ample natural light and no harmful sun rays to the kid’s room.

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