Wallpaper vs. Paint – The Better Choice for Your Walls

Any Interior decoration is incomplete without beautiful walls and people spend a lot of time and money on decorating walls with colorful paints or appealing wall papers. proper wall decoration is very important as it can completely change the look and feel of a room.  A dull room can instantly be made cheerful with vibrant color paints or wall papers. A huge room can be given warm and cozy look by using dark colored wall papers with beautiful patterns. Similarly you can paint light pale or green color to make a room feel more airy and clam. There are advantages and disadvantages of using paints or wall papers; there are some crucial factors that one must keep in mind before starting such as cost, usage of space or versatility of available space, ease of application, and theme of interior decoration.

The colorful world of walls gives you enormous opportunity to bring your imagination and aesthetics come alive. There is no dearth of ideas as to how differently you can paint your walls, similarly wall papers are available in vast collection ranging from simple floral to 3D patterns. Whatever medium you wish to cover your walls with, it must complement the room.

Here are some important points you must take into consideration before using Paints or wall papers:


People always ask what is the most cost -effective solution to decorate a wall, Paint or Wall paper. Well lot of factors affect the overall expense such as what type of wall paper or paint you will be applying and  who will do job .  There are inexpensive paints available in wide colors and if you do painting by yourself, it will be very cost effective; however wall papers are available in wide variety from foil, vinyl to fabric.

 If you have a limited budget and you want to make your walls look fabulous then you can use paint, you can color each wall with different color this will dramatically change the look of the room.

Preparation Time for Wallpaper vs Paint

It is very important to consider the time taken for installing a wall paper or painting. If you have to start from bare walls then you need to consider time consumed in preparing walls for paint or wall paper.

Removing old wall paper is a tedious job, you must consult hardware store to get best tools and chemicals to get work done fast and Hassle free. Please take extra care while stripping off the wall paper as it can damage the surface of wall.

If your walls are damaged then it is advisable to apply Spackle first and leave it for about 20-24 hr. another important thing is applying primer paint before painting you are going to use dark color paint Overall paint requires less preparation time than installing wallpapers.


There are huge selections available for both wallpaper and paint. Wall papers come in paper, vinyl or fabric type while paints are available in different sheen and glosses.  Ultimately your taste and lifestyle will help you finding best cover for your wall.

There are areas or walls which are less important and that can be covered with inexpensive paint with medium sheen, where walls which directly come into attention should be painted with high gloss to semi –sheen paint. There are some side effective of paint such as it can chip and can get stains, thus repainting and refinishing is required time to time.

Wallpapers are durable, and completely change the meaning of the wall. It can hold wear and tear however moisture prone areas such as kitchen and bathroom may cause damage such as peeling off or cracking.

Wallpapers are more suitable for highly used areas such as bedroom, living room, dining area or kid’s room, whereas paint is more preferable and practical in Kitchen and bathrooms as these are highly humid. Wallpaper is unique in print and texture while paint brings subtlety.

Washable paints are available however it reduces sheen and gloss every time you wash it. So in longer run it loses its fresh-looking charm.  Wallpaper can look same for longer time than paint so investing little more in it makes sense. Paints are cheaper so you can change it whenever you feel like.


You can bring charisma in your walls by using customizable painting materials. You can use paint-able wall paper. It comes in both rolls and adhesive squares. After installing wallpaper you can either paint it or leave it like that. You can enjoy both paint’s vibrancy and wallpaper’s versatility.

Paint is not only inexpensive but also easy to apply. It requires minimum care and can easily be maintained, so even if you have limited budget you can paint your walls with colors of your dream. Wall papers are definitely bit expensive but worth installing for long term purpose as they keep looking beautiful for years. Wallpapers do not require much care however you must be careful about humidity and possible wear and tear.

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  1. Sir, me janna chata hu paint ya wallpaper better aur kon sa sasta h paint ko wall pr kaise kre aur wallpaper ka istemal kaise kre

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