Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Your kitchen should be a welcoming place for your family and friends. A room that you can entertain your guest.Your kitchen should be a place that you can use for different purposes such as preparing and cooking meals, entertaining family and friends, and dining.

There are many ways by which you can improve the look of your kitchen interior. Adding a new counter top will improve the overall appearance of your kitchen. There are beautiful counter tops in the market now-a-days that can give your kitchen a whole new look. Granite  counter tops are especially popular for the rich look they can give to your kitchen.Painting you kitchen walls is important to brighten up your kitchen area.Just adding a coat of paint to your kitchen walls can improve the interior of your kitchen. Adding new flooring to your kitchen is another way to improve your kitchens appearance. There are many types of kitchen flooring. Some popular types that people like are hard wood flooring and ceramic flooring. These types of flooring are very durable and long lasting.

Other items that will compliment your kitchen interior are the accessories that you add to your walls such as pictures, shelves, clocks and other decorative accessories for your kitchen. Some kitchen that don’t have enough cabinet space can add a kitchen cupboard to make more room for dishes pots and pans.

Here are a few of the ways that can improve your kitchen interior:

Replace your kitchen cabinet hardware

Change small items such as the hardware on your doors and drawers. This can often provide a lot of bang for the buck and maybe provide the ‘POP’ your kitchen needs.Replacing your kitchen knobs or pulls with fresh, decorative cabinet hardware is a fabulous and affordable way to enhance the look of your kitchen instantly.With hundreds of cabinet hardware designs available, you can outfit your entire kitchen on any budget.Just make sure that if you trade in your old cabinet pulls for new ones, you choose pulls with the same drill center so that the new pieces will fit perfectly into the holes that already exist. No need to hire a professional- replacing cabinet hardware is a quick and easy job for all homeowners.

Paint your kitchen table

Kitchen tables are used for more than just eating- they’re used for food preparation, homework, art projects, board games and all sorts of other activities. It’s not surprising then that these tables take a lot of abuse and often age the look of the kitchen.Painting your kitchen table can introduce a new color scheme into the room and give the space a quick pick-me-up.Consider adding a stenciled design to the tabletop for a unique and sophisticated look. And don’t forget to sand down any rough edges or nicks on the table before painting it- this will also help the table from looking unnecessarily old.

Update your backsplash

It’s a quick way to dress up an old kitchen, not to mention protect your walls from stains and even fires.If you’re not eager to mess with mastic and grout, consider new peel-and-stick metal tiles.Available in copper and stainless steel, they’ll give the room a clean, updated feel. And though the metal finish can look fairly modern, these tiles come in a traditional three-by-six-inch subway-tile format, which fits in with a variety of decors.

Dress up old appliances

Buying new appliances may not make sense at this stage because you don’t know what your eventual remodeling will require. But a fresh coat of white, black, or silver paint on old refrigerators and dishwashers (not ranges, which get too hot) will give them and your kitchen-a cleaner, newer look.

Repaint The Walls

Ways to Spruce up Your Kitchen
Make sure you select the best accessory for your home

Nothing changes the face of a room like a fresh coat of paint. A splash of color can help set a new tone for your kitchen style – warm reds and yellows for a Tuscan feel, neutrals to make a traditional classic or vibrant greens and blues to modernize your look.

Doors and Drawers

Perhaps you like the color of your cabinets but the doors and drawers are looking dated. One way to remedy this situation is to re-door the cabinets. New doors and drawers can be installed that provide an all new look. Just by changing the doors, you can change the style of your kitchen to elegant, contemporary or modern. Re-dooring is a quick solution with the work usually taking a day or less however the results will bring that ‘wow’ factor back to your kitchen. Doors are available online and at some stores, but if your do-it-yourself skills are limited you might want to seek out a qualified remodeler.

Update your light fixtures

Proper kitchen lighting is essential for an efficient food preparation experience- but it is also a great way to add beauty to any kitchen. Installing a new ceiling fixture over the kitchen table is a great way to make a noticeable difference in the room. And with prices for beautiful light fixtures starting as low as $150, you should be able to purchase a fixture and have it installed (if necessary), even on a tight budget.

Under cabinet lights not only add functionality to your kitchen work surfaces, they can make the whole kitchen look brighter and fresher. Under cabinets lights do not have to be the large fluorescent things that belong in factories. All kinds of sleek, efficient under cabinet fixtures are available that come in a variety of modern colors and metallic finishes. Under cabinet lights can be line voltage which typically requires an electrician to install or low voltage where a transformer is plugged into an outlet and the lights connect to the transformer.

Adding trim

Adding trim such as crown molding or a light rails to your wall cabinets will add a touch of elegance at a reasonable cost. Trim can be purchased at a variety of stores and installed by the home owner, but sometimes it better to let a professional do the job. They have the correct tools, the expertise, and can match the color of the new trim to the finish on your cabinets.

New counter top

Have a new counter top, sink and faucet installed. Good looking and quality counter tops are available in a variety of materials such as high definition laminate, solid surfaces, engineered stone and natural stone that will give your kitchen new life and not break the budget.

Add new wall hangings

Do you have blank wall space in your kitchen that is just crying out for attention? If so, updating your wall hangings or wall art can be a great way to enhance the look of your kitchen. Consider whether you want textured wall art or a classy collection of pictures to embellish the wall space near your eating area. You may be able to create your own wall art with pictures that you’ve taken placed in dramatic frames or an eye-catching display.Alternatively, you can browse garage sales and internet sites for affordable artwork that will add a touch of color and excitement to your kitchen.

Modernize your kitchen curtains

When you take down your kitchen curtains to clean them, do you just wish you could burn them? If so, replacing your kitchen curtains is the right budget kitchen renovation project for you. Today’s curtains should be minimalistic, so that they enhance the space without overwhelming it. Stick to solid fabrics (even textured solid fabrics) or muted prints, rather than busy floral patterns or loud 80’s-style geometric. Find fabric that you like at wholesalers to keep your costs down. If you can’t sew, you should be able to find a local seamstress or tailor who can craft exactly what you’re looking for.

Area Rugs Add New Color and Texture

One way to update the look of your floors without the cost of new flooring is with a rug. You can find many rugs that are durable to high foot traffic, but also attractive to compliment your kitchen style.

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