Use of Wall Finishes

There are various different ways and means through which you can decorate your home. Some people prefer purchasing different accessories and decorative items whereas others take the help wall finishes. Make sure that you interiors are well decorated in order to bring out the true beauty of the location. The wall finishes that you select depends a lot of the structures and engravings on your walls. The walls of your home should be decorated in a very delicate manner so that it can really please all your guests and relatives.

In this article, my main focus would be providing you some great tips and tricks that would definitely help you in decorating your wall in the most appropriate manner.

Exposed Brick walls

I would like to tell you that in order to employ these kind of walls it is essential to pre plan the interior design list. Frequently if a brick wall is to be kept exposed it is built with high class bricks which are machine cut for high excellence and correctness.

You will see that since bricks have their own colour and touch, this alternative can be used to make a colour contrast by keeping only one wall uncovered and other with a complementary colour. This can add some curiosity in the bedroom.

Exposed plaster walls

Sometimes plaster is not applied on certain area of the walls, this is referred to as the exposed plaster walls. These types of walls are very seldom used in interiors. Since the plaster is a compound substance using suitable merits of cement, sand and collective, the final material has a dull colour. A boring colour on a space like bedroom would state a kind of despair, hence is not suggested.

You will see that portions of a wall with pre- planned style and sketching can be used in union with exposed brick wall. Design pattern with partially coloured and moderately uncovered plaster can be a superior idea. Or a totally exposed plaster wall with a design patter in grooves can be used efficiently.

Wall with tile cladding

Use of Wall Finishes
Use of Wall Finishes

You will see that Tile armour is what we see in kitchen on top of the cooking platform. Tile shell is also used in bathrooms and toilets. These are usually ceramic tiles.

If you want you can create various different patterns in your bedroom area with the help of bricks that are used. This would certainly give a special feel to the area.


The phrase picture has two meanings here:

a) Generally paint is applied to plastered surface of the wall to make it look more beautiful and attractive. Two or three coats of the needed hue of the color and base material are useful.

b) If you want you can make different art patterns and creative designs on the surface of the wall for the added effect. This is a very vital process to paint children bedrooms. Walls can be used as a storyboard to make interest.


I would like to tell you that using wallpaper is an outstanding way to rapidly change the look and sense of the bedroom. Depending upon the “theme” of the room a lot of wallpaper outlines are obtainable.

You will see that the Wallpapers are very superior in great bedrooms. In large bedroom “emptiness” is a big problem. If there are not sufficient decorating basics obtainable, a room might look empty. Here wallpapers can provide as fillers and rapidly add some attention in the room.

Textured plaster walls

You will see that these types of walls need unique methods to make a textured pattern on walls. Once a consistency is applied any hue of paint can be utilized.

Well these are some very important things that you need to keep in mind about wall finishes. If you wall are decorated in the right manner then they would surely look very beautiful and pleasing. If you want you can also take the help of professionals to learn more about the wall decoration ideas that would certainly help you.

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