Black and White Bedroom Design

Decorating your home with Black and white interior design is popular nowadays. It has become one of the fashionable trends these days. The combination of black color with white makes the room elegant and gives the room a fresh and neat look. It builds up a dramatic look within the room of house. White is a very common color and perfectly goes with every mood and functionality of the room. It is bright color and makes the room look bigger and spacious. It brightens up the room with its color and builds up a welcoming environment. On the other hand black at the same time gives a sophisticated and purified touch to the room. Black can be used in every room even you have a touch of pastels and jewels in your room. Use of black accessories, furniture or trims can sharpen the interiors of the house. You can paint the wall with the white color and place white and black designer carpet for floor to build up an aggressive atmosphere. You can then place a white bed in your bedroom. You can also use other colors like red, yellow pink with black and white combinations to give a fresh look.

Following are few ways which you can consider while using black and white in your home:

  • Flooring would be a good start to decorate with combinations of black and white shades. You can set the marble on the floor. Marble comes in various colors. Place a beautiful black marble with white diamonds on the floor. You can create a check board like texture on the floor. In place of marbles you can also use black and white ceramic tiles.
  • Paint wall with white shade and hang framed pictures or photographs to give a perfect look. Choose wooden frames colored in black. You can also add few colorful accessories to give a punch to the room.
  • Black and White Bedroom Design
    Black and White Bedroom Design

    If you have a small room then it the best place to decorate with combinations of white and black shades. Place a black marble countertop and white shinning sink to give an elegant look. On the top of the black marble countertop you can place accessories and fixtures shinning in gold.

  • Add white linens in your bedroom. Decorate your bed with black and white color pillows and bed covers. Place a comfortable chair colored in black. You can also add a pinch of other colors like yellow, pink or red during summers and gold and green in winter season. You can add touch of white and black prints and add with lamps, frames and mats.
  • You can also use dark, charcoal carpets and rugs in your room. Don’t feel shy to paint the walls with such colors. Add colorful accessories and metal accents shinning in gold.
  • Decorate your room in cottage style by using black and white color combinations. Add chair covers and table covers with black and white checks fabric. Hang black metal framed pictures on the wall in your dining room.
  • A black iron pieces are quite popular these days. Use black metal glass tops for dining table and place few candlesticks and lighting fixtures in black iron metal texture.
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