Black and White Color Schemes

The combination of black and white is one of the classical color combinations. They always look good whenever they are used for decorative purposes. They build up a sharp and contrast statement in the interiors of the house. Both black and white are stable colors and it is easy to update and alter the combination as and how you require. You can also alter the schemes by adding colorful ascents. Here are some amazing black and white color combinations for your interiors. You can also add some of your innovative ideas on these color schemes.

Designing your Bedroom:


You can add wallpaper into your bedroom with combinations of black and white. The wallpaper can give an amazing look to your bedroom. They give a decent and stunning appearance to the room. A white bed will highlight the dark shades of the room interiors. This combination will make the room appear perfectly amazing.


Add fabrics with the combination of black and white color. You can place a white linen bed with black blanket and white bed covers. Add pillows in crisp white color to make your bed an amazing place to sit and relax. Add black and white combinations of floral printed curtains and hangings. You can also hang pure black curtains. This would create a focal point in your bedroom.

Designing your Bathroom:

Black and White Color Schemes
Black and White Color Schemes

Bathroom looks great when decorated with black and white combinations. They add a drama to it. You can have crisp white tiles on the floor or can have a design of check board by adding black tile between every two white tiles. You can also use white tiles with black color borders or can go ahead with black tiles with white diamonds inserted in between each tile. These all designs would give your bathroom a stunning look. It will build up crisp as well as clean interior within the bathroom. Add few colorful accessories like dish soap or shampoo bottles, toothbrush holder etc. to give a lively look to the bathroom.

Designing your Kitchen:

Paint your kitchen with black and white to give a stylish look. It’s quite rear to see but can make your kitchen look elegant and stylish. Generally people feel reluctant to use black and white color combinations to decorate their kitchen however this arrangement can really build a unique look. You can place black color countertops black with cupboards painted in crisp white color. Install a decorative pendent for lighting to give your kitchen a look which everyone would long for.

Designing your living room:

Design your living room with black and white shades to give it a unique look altogether. Place a white carpet on the floor. You can also install crisp white marble tiles for flooring. Add Black color sofa sets and center table with black glass on the top. You can also place side table colored in black shade. Hang white curtains with black floral to give the room wonderful look. You can also add splash of other colors like red, yellow or pink to your living room. This would create a dramatic effect in the room. Place red color cushions to soften too much of black and white scheme. Add a beautiful yellow glass flower vase to create a focal point in the room.

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