Curtains Buying Guide

Excellent window treatment gives a unique look to the room and this is the reason that so many different types of options are available before you. With the help of the windows you can see the outer world and also the experience a different atmosphere. You can try drapes and curtains which make the room look beautiful and add privacy to your life. The windows also perform the function of controlling the amount of light that will be entering the room.

Using a new style for the window will greatly influence the beauty of the room and at the same time covers the extra space. You have several options open before you which are stylish, elegant and exclusive. Curtains can be employed for decorating the windows and if used as standalone then also the look is superb.

With the help of the right selection of the curtain you can enhance the look of a small window as well as a big window. Apart from fulfilling the functions the curtains can add uniqueness to the windows and to the room both. Colorful and contrast shades curtain really give an awesome appearance and add a lavish style to your life. You can also add functionality by adding few more features to the style.

Curtains are great for:

  • Decorative flair – One can try the full length curtains which can cover the entire window. You can control the light and the increase the privacy option.
  • Protecting upholstery – By adding curtains to the windows you will protect the other furnishings from losing their color. When sunlight falls on fabrics they tend to lose their color and fade out.
  • Keeping the room warm – With the help of the curtains you can adjust the amount of light that you want in your room. For darkness you can use shutter or curtains can be arranged in a particular style.
  • While selecting the curtain you need to see the fabric that you want and the color that will suit the windows.

Types of Curtains

Curtains Buying Guide
With the help of the right selection of the curtain you can enhance the look of a small window as well as a big window

There are different types of curtains which you will get in the market and each one has its own features. For example the box pleated heading gives a formal look and is best for offices and restaurants. Then you have the eyelet headings which add a modern look to the room. Though they are simple but look extremely different when windows are covered with it. Stylish curtain rods can be used that will make the curtains more appealing and influential.

Though the style of the curtain is important but if the fabric is not right the overall look of the window can get spoiled. Hence you need to select a fabric which is just perfect. You can try a few options like polyester, cotton etc. The only thing which you have to ensure that it is 100% pure or else the look will not come. You can go through some other mixed fabrics which are a brilliant choice for curtains. One can clean the above fabrics at home without any extra maintenance.

Cased Heading

The cased heading consists of panels which are open from both the sides which mean that the curtain can be placed in side through it. The curtain has to be gathered together or else the look will come out. You need to adjust the gathers according to the length of the curtain and the window. Thus if your window is big then this type of style is most suitable for it.

Pencil Pleated

It can be used for both formal as well as informal look. It will depend upon the type of fabric that you are using for the curtain and it gives a perfect traditional look to the room. The folds of the curtain give a look as if lots of pencils are arranged together side by side. The cords are attached to the end of the curtain and it is pulled to create folds. It can be arranged in a neat style to adorn the window.

Tab Top

Tab top is a perfect option for homes and kitchens where you need a casual look. It is a modern style which you can try for your windows and get the best effect. Loops of different colors are attached to the curtain which can give a unique look. Even Concealed tab top is another option which one can go for because it is entirely different from the other options which are available. It is more or less similar to tab top but the folds are hidden behind the tabs. While the other things are just the same. The fabric can be selected keeping in mind the interiors of the room.


If you are looking for the curtains with poles then this is the ideal option. The folds are big in this case but still the windows add a soft look to the room.

Voiles, nets and cotton lace

Voiles are usually made of light material and this is the reason that certain amount of light can pass through the room. You can also maintain privacy in the room and give a touch of elegance.

Nets and cotton lace together can be used with heavy curtains to block the light and maintain privacy in the room.

Valances and Scarves

Curtains Buying Guide
You need to select a fabric which is just perfect

Valances are perfect for any kind of look that you want for your room. It can be either formal or informal. Valances make the use of cased heading style and sometime pencil heading style can be incorporated for a better appearance. If you want to use it separately then kitchen is the best place for such styles. This style can be used in any way you want as it can be treated in different forms. On the other hand you have scarves which give a romantic feeling to the room. They are very soft material and hence great for bedrooms but are used in kitchens too.


There are so many things which you need to consider. The first thing is the function of the curtain whether it is for privacy or to block the light. The place where the curtains will be installed is also important whether it is the bedroom or the kitchen. The curtains can absorb the light and at the same time used for any season you want. You can either blend the shade with the color of the walls or even a contrast shade will do the work. Measure the exact dimensions of the window so that there is problem in getting the style that you want. The curtain should be able to cover the window or it will look awkward.

Selecting the color is most important as it gives brightness to the room. You can either get the same shade as the color of the room or you can get printed designs which are in fashion. You can even have the contrast shades but do not pick brighter colors.

Fabric can make a huge difference to the look of the curtain. Some of the excellent fabrics include chiffon, polyester, mixed and many other varieties. You can select the best patterns like dots, figures, geometrical figures, lining, solid colors etc.

Stripes and floral prints are also available. You can even go for embroidery and lace patterns which are just awesome. Ensure that the fabric can be washed at home or not and will be durable.

Measuring for Curtains

Getting the right size of the curtain is necessary so the best thing is to call a professional interior designer who will help you regarding this. They will take the correct measurement of the window. In case you want some extra decoration then let them know about it. Purchase extra cloth in case you might need it for stitching and other purposes. Write the dimensions on a piece of paper so that you do not miss any details.

According to the style only the measurement will be carried out. If you want to give a traditional look then the curtain up to the floor length will look beautiful. If you are using the curtain for some purpose then the length can be either up to the window panel or slightly increased. Keeping in mind the place for the curtain you can decide what will be the ideal length of the curtain. You can seek help from the designer who will tell you about the styles that are in trend and which will suit your room.

Price Ranges

Purchasing curtain is a costly affair so it will be better that one decides the color, design, fabric that you want for the curtain. Pre planning will help you to stick to the option or else your budget will go up. You can also plan your budget so that you know the amount that you can spend on it. The type of fabric that you select will affect the cost. The more stylish is the fabric greater will be its price. You need to get the curtains stitched and so hire a professional who can take the measurement and get the work done.

Cleaning Curtains

For washing the curtains take out the loops and the rods which are hung on it. If there are additional hangings on it then remove all and then clean it. If the fabric is sift then go for dry cleaning option.

Washable fabrics

  • If it is recommended to wash the curtains with hand then follow it or else the fabric can get damaged.
  • For cleaning it you will use a detergent, dissolve it completely in water so that the fabric can be washed evenly.
  • Do not rub the fabric while washing and hang it smoothly.
  • If you are using a washing machine for cleaning then do not spin it for a long time or else the fabric will lose its shine.
  • For people who are using colored fabrics should use color care detergent which will retain the original color after washing.
  • Do not dry the curtain completely but leave some moisture as it is used in softening itself.

Cotton lace

  • Curtains made from cotton lace should be hand washed but if you are using machine then the maximum temperature should be about 40 degrees only.
  • White colors need detergents while colorful fabrics require color care detergents.
  • Stretch the curtains completely and dry them properly.
  • If there are any wrinkles then use a cool iron for pressing.

Nets and Voiles

  • Net fabric is soft so has to be hand washed. Read the instructions before washing it.
  • If there is any dust on the curtains then use lukewarm water having the detergent.
  • You can use net curtain whitener that will get the back the color and shone of the fabric.
  • Rinse it completely and then dry it.
  • In case of any crease you can press the fabric so go for cool ironing.

Quick Trick

  • Curtains give a wonderful look to the room so it is advised that you go for the full length curtains only.
  • The curtains will not only block the sunlight but will prevent the furniture and other things from getting damaged.
  • The curtains should be at a small distance from the window to avoid condensation.
  • If you are using a velvet curtain then you may come across crease and few marks. Do not take tension as these will go once you hang the curtains and folds appear on it.
  • To give a neat look to the folds you can use your fingers and arrange it properly.
  • In order to avoid confusion you can use rods which are best for pulling the curtains down.
  • During the winters you can pull the curtains so that the room is warm. This will help you to bring down your electricity bill.
  • Keep the fabric in front of the sunlight so that you can see the real color when the light rays fall on it.
  • For curtains with lace you need a layer of liner so go for the high quality liner which is long lasting.
  • While buying a costly fabric you can ask the store keeper to get the curtains stitched at no cost.

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