Decorating a Room with Photographs

‘Use picture. It’s worth a thousand words’, ‘Every picture tells a story’ are some of the very common phases and are perhaps true in many situations. These phases even go with interior designing too.  Pictures are not just used to decorate the house but many people take pictures as their inspiration. Photographs or pictures make you feel better and fills you with motivation and creates an appealing environment in your home.  Here are few ideas on how to use photographs to decorate your living room:


  • Large Pictures: You can hang large or an extra-large framed pictures in your living room or bed room. It would help in creating drama in a living room. Remember to place it on any one wall of your room only to create a focal point. You can hang a close up photograph of a sunflower in boom or bunch of yellow tulips, to decorate your room and then carry out the color theme on other accessories or furniture placed in your room.


  • A Room Decorated With Photographs

    Group pictures: Another way is decorating your room with grouped photographs. If you want to share your amazing childhood photographs with others and you never got any chance, then this is the right time. Take out your old childhood black and white photographs from your cupboard and get them framed identically. You can also place sepia toned images of your family or children. These photographs would create an interest in a room. It would also bring in a feeling of comfort and love. You can hang them over a fireplace or above the sofa set. These photographs create a wonderful atmosphere.


  • Photo Shelves: Photo shelf can be hung in various ways to decorate a living room. You can get your photographs framed and can place them in the photo shelf. Photo shelf can be hung over the wall behind the sofa or on side table. The photo arrangement in the shelf can be framed in various sizes and patterns.


  • Vintage collection: To give your room a vintage look, you can place your vintage family photograph or your photo collection of antique earthen pots, ornaments etc. Use decorative or antique patterns to frame them. You can place them on the fireplace or the end table.


  • Natural Photographs: You can create a personal area of your collections on nature scenes like snowcapped mountains, snow fall, waterfalls or beautiful sceneries. Nature scenes framed in different patterns are popular among people. It builds up a warming atmosphere in the room.


  • Random Collections: This type includes random collection like photos of volcano, babies playing with ball, leaning tower of Pisa etc. Though these photographs do not have any theme however are enjoyed by the people. You can get these pictures framed in silver or gold and can place them in your computer room.


Things to consider while placing a photograph:

  • Frame: Choose photo frames that match the style of your home. Frames are available in various finishes and designs. Try to use only one design or finish for all the photographs to carry out the same theme in the room.
  • Lighting: Do not forget to illuminate your photographs. You can use picture lighting or track lighting to highlight them.
  • Theme: Use photographs to support your room theme.


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