If you want a create a sacred and harmonious environment in your puja room then you should definitely add some feng shui in your puja room. Here are some guidelines that you must follow while decorating your puja room as per Feng Shui:

  • The puja room should be located in the north east of the home as you will feel charged and rejuvenated and your mind will always stay calm.
  • The photos of your dead ancestors shouldn’t be placed in the room.
  • Make sure that proper ventilation is present in the puja room.
  • Feng Shui For Puja Room
    Feng Shui For Puja Room

    The colors of the walls should be white or lemon yellow.

  • Don’t turn your puja room into a store room, keep it free from clutter.
  • Avoid clutter, empty jars/bottles and sachets in the puja room. A puja room should always be neat and clean.
  • It is not advisable to build the puja room in the basement, under the staircase or on the ground floor.
  • A puja room should not be located under a bathroom.
  • Storage should be made in the south or west direction of the puja room.
  • Puja room should not be located under the beams of the house.
  • Use scented flowers as it helps in clearing all sorts of diseases.

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