Colors for the Monsoon Season

Every year we experience different seasons all around the year. Every season has its own specific characters that make it truly beautiful and enjoyable. During the hot summer months every person likes to visit beaches and mountain destinations where they can cool themselves. Monsoon is one of the most awaited seasons of the year. This is the season of wonderful colours and cool weather. The soft drizzling sound of rain fall can truly mesmerize are senses. This is the when most people tend to come out of their homes to enjoy the exotic weather. This is the most enjoyable season when you can enjoy nature to the fullest. The green plants and trees all around you truly makes your heart sing. The greenery all around you is very soothing for the eyes. Most people plan vacations and outings in this weather because it gives them a reason to smile.

After the roasting summer months, monsoon brings the much needed respite for us. The beautiful colours and the soft winds together with overcast skies, dark gray clouds and overcast skies that bring sudden rain is just marvellous for us. You will see that during the monsoon months no colour is true bright. You can decorate your home with different accessories and colours that you find the best. So, now let me tell you about some colours and tips that would help you in decorating your home during the monsoon months.

Turquoise- most luxurious colour for monsoon

Turquoise is the colour that signifies monsoon most closely. It is a colour that would fill you up with warmth. You will see that all around the world decorating the home according to the season has really become very common. More and more people try to decorate their homes according to the season that they are experience. During the rainy season people tend to use colours that most closely resemble monsoon. You can conveniently use this particular colour in decorating your home. You can get curtains, accessories, wall papers, covering and cushions in turquoise. This colour can really transform your entire home into something really luxurious. Turquoise is the colour that is associated with royalty therefore it would just give you the right effect. The shade is soothing to the eyes and it can be mixed with other colours to create a cool ambiance. Your interior decorator can also guide you about the best ways in which you can use this particular hue for your interiors.

Green- soothing and calm

Colors for the Monsoon Season
The soothing colour would ensure that even during the monsoon months you stay happy and lively all day long

Green is the most sought after colour during the monsoon months because during this season you will find is colour all around you. The lush greenery in your garden and backyard area would surely encourage you to use this shade in your interiors. You can use a mixture of dark green. Olive green, light green and the pastel shade. Bring home mats and carpets in this shade as this would give your interiors a smooth like your lawns outdoors. Green can also be used for your kitchen area. You can bring small accessories, cushions, bed covers, sheets and, mattresses in this shade. Try to organize the different shades of green before you start working with them. Make sure that the different hues should go well with each other. The right colour combination is the key to great interior decoration. During the rainy season you must only purchase good quality products as they would last for a long period of time.  The green shade can also be used for decorating your swimming pool, deck and patio area.

Take the help of Rain Chains is different shade

Rain chains are extremely popular accessory during the monsoon months. They help in bringing the effect of natural rain to your home. It is a good example of season décor that can be selected according to your tastes and preferences. During the rainy season it becomes extremely important for you to protect your outdoors and a great way of doing is by using the rain chains that are just like the covering used for protecting outdoors. Rain chains are like decorative accessories that help in protecting your exteriors and they are made with luxurious craftsmanship. They are constructed in the form of chain and they help in regulating the amount of water during the monsoon. You have to hang this accessory from the corner portion of the roof in order to maintain the steady downpour.

Yellow and orange- Creating  a lively ambiance

The shade of yellow and orange are truly unique and they help in creating warmth and a unique ambiance. During the rainy season, the wonderful colours play a very important role in decorating your home. It would be ideal for you to decorate your home with bright colours as this would help in creating a lively ambiance. Using warm colours like yellow and orange would be the best for you because both these colours can work best during the rainy season. You can use these two colours in various different places, from your living area to your kitchen. One great way of using these colours in your interiors is by bringing some fresh flowers in the shade of yellow and orange. I am sure you would be able to find the flowers in these colours very easily. On the kitchen counters, you can install brightly coloured mats in these two colours.

Avoid using dark colours like black and gray

During the monsoon season, you must definitely avoid using the dark colours like gray and black as they tend to create an ambiance of gloom all around you. You must avoid using these colours even for your modern decors. During the rainy season, the ambiance outside is already dark with overcastted clouds therefore everyone would want a little light and happiness to enter their homes. Colours should be such that they can help in maximizing the light that is entering your home. If you want you can also use a lot of reflective surfaces like mirrors using the monsoon season in your interiors.

Using white-A symbol of purity

If you want you can also use white which is the symbol of purity. This colour can be used for modern as well as traditional homes. Pastel shades can also be used with white to give your home a marvellous appearance. While using white make sure you utilize it in accessories and equipments that are kept away from the floor. During the rainy season, white can really be very difficult to clean. White can be used for your bedroom area in the most perfect manner. The soothing colour would ensure that even during the monsoon months you stay happy and lively all day long. Mix white with other lights colours and create wonderful decors for your home.

Combination of purple and pink

Purple is the colour that symbolizes royalty and combining it with shades of pink would truly make it appearing more beautiful. Using both these shades during the monsoon months is the best thing that you can do. These days you can easily get decorative accessories like carpets, mats, flower vases, paintings and many others in the shades of purple and pink. In interior decoration shops you would surely be able to purchase the accessories you are looking for.

Above stated are some of the most beautiful and enchanting colours that would work best for you during the monsoon months.

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