Decorating your Bedroom in Monsoon

Your bedroom is like a private living space for you which you can decorate and design according to your own preferences. There are various themes and designs that you can select for your bedroom but you must try to pick out the one that you can create without any problems. There are various themes and designs that can be changed according to the different seasons. The exotic season of Monsoon is approaching and if you want to bring home its naturally beautiful colours then you can think about decorating your home with the Monson theme. An application of monsoon decor takes up a lot of money and effort therefore you must be ready for the hard work. If you are using this theme then you have to change each and every aspect of your room, including the wall colours, the drapes, fixtures, furniture, carpets, devices and even the bed.

In order to move forward with your ideas you have to prepare a plan that can help you in decorating your bedroom in the most organized manner. You can also hire expert interior decorators that would be able to guide you in a professional manner. So, now let us discuss about some tips and tricks that would help you in decorating your home during the monsoon months.

Painting the walls

If you really want to renovate your bedroom during the monsoon then you must start with the walls and the ceiling. During the rainy season you can try out something new with the colours like textured painting. It is an extremely great method that would give an entirely different feel to your walls. You can pick out colours of your choice like green and blue that best symbolize monsoon. This method can really provide a sense of matchless beauty to your walls. The textured paints are available in various different shades so you don’t have to worry about selecting the most appropriate one. One great advantage of using this method is that it provides you excellent protection during the rainy season. The quality of paint is such that it prevents the water from seeping into the interiors. The special additives would cover minor faults and would prevent peeling, flaking and fading that mostly occur during the rainy season.

Flooring of the bedroom

Many people have simply designed bedroom floors whereas others you elaborate materials for floors. If your floor is made of hardwood or any other material that is in the danger of getting damaged during the rainy season then it would be best for you to take some quick action. You can think of covering the floor with weather proof mats and rugs. If you have already installed wall to wall carpets then you must make sure that they are cleaned on a regular basis. This would prevent them from becoming mouldy or soggy. You would really be surprised to know that these days myriads of different coloured carpets are available in the market that has intricate designs. The great collection would surely help you in selecting the options that best matches the monsoon theme. Think about colours that would make your room look comfortable and spacious.

Bed accessories

The bed is the most important part of the room without which your bedroom would never be complete. If you do not want to purchase an entirely different bed then you can change the look of your existing bed with the help of the accessories that are available for it. You can change the bed sheets, the covers, cushions and drapes. Make sure you buy bed sheet in some vibrant colours and hues. In the market you will also get various options with pictures of scenes symbolizing the monsoon months. You can purchase cushion covers in the shape of umbrellas. Think about elements that remind you of monsoon and you can include all of them in your bedroom design. Green is the most prominent colour that is seen rainy season, you can make this colour a major part of your room by purchasing accessories and furnishings in the same colours.

Furniture items

The furniture items in your room comprises of all chairs, sofas, couches, tables and stool. It can really be very expensive to change all the furniture items therefore the best thing that you can do is to purchase sheet and covers that would decorate them according to the theme that you have selected. You can purchase table covers and trimmings in shimmering covers that would light up your room during the gloomy rainy day. The covering and the cushion of your couch and sofa can also be exchanged with the ones that are designed with beautiful colours that soothing hues. During the windy and gloomy days people need something that can make them feel happy and relaxed. The furniture items installed in your bedroom would surely be able to provide you a sense of pleasure and coziness.

Making the room look spacious

During the monsoon months, good ventilation is very essential for you. You need to keep your bedroom free for clutter so that it looks spacious and airy. If your bedroom does not get the adequate amount of fresh air then the level of humidity will increase leaving your room looking damp and mouldy smelling. Ventilation in the form of large windows is always welcomed. You can decorate your window area by installing especially designed drapes and curtains that are made of light materials. Make sure that you do not use heavy materials because washing them during the monsoon season can really be a difficult task for you. You can also install accessories like a wind chime in the window to make it look more attractive.

Monsoon is the most pleasant season of the year therefore decorating your bedroom with the monsoon theme would surely work wonders for you.

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