Staircases are the means of chi to enter into the home. It is the place where chi moves from one level to another level within the home. It is always good to have a staircase according to Feng Shui. A good Feng Shui stairway brings in good fortune to the rest of home. However, if it is bad from a Feng Shui perspective, it can spread negative energy which can cause illness and misfortune to the members of the family. There are certain rules of feng shui which one should consider while constructing a staircase in the house. The rules are as follows:

General Rules

  • According to Feng Shui there should be no hollows or openings on the steps or in the staircase. That means there should be no leakages. Holes and openings in the steps or in the staircase can make difficult for residents to accumulate wealth. It will also allow Chi to escape and it will not move to the next floor.
  • The staircase should always have proper lighting. It should also have up-lights.
  • It is recommended not to construct the staircase whose top and bottom face the main door.
  • Use good material to build up the staircase. It should be strong and solid. Avoid using creaky fitted banisters.
  • Do not carpet your stairs with red, as this may bring misfortune to the members of the family.
  • Avoid placing containers filled with water under the staircase as it can hurt the success of the family.
  • Feng Shui Tips for Stairways
    Feng Shui Tips for Stairways

    A stairway if placed in the wrong place can inhibit flow of Chi towards wrong direction. This can bring in bad luck and negativity in the home. If you have a stairway opposite to the main door, then the chi will enter into the house and will rush through the stairs to the next floor and the ground floor may starve for Chi. However you can slow down the flow of Chi by using mirrors, wind chimes and screens on the stairs.

  • Placing the plants under the staircase to slow down the flow of Chi to the next level of the house.
  • Avoid using a spiral stairway as it is not good. It confuses the Chi as to where to flow. Chi always follows the staircase and moves along with it. Avoid having too many stairs as this will cause the Chi to change.
  • It is advised to have odd number of stairs on the staircase.
  • Keep the stairs always neat and clean. They should be also well lighted.
  • As Chi gains speed as it moves over a staircase it is advisable to sleep near the top or bottom of the staircase.
  • One should not have bedroom facing towards staircase nor should be located too close to it.
  • It is advised not to clutter the space under the staircase. Always arrange things in a systematic manner. You can place a cupboard so as to keep things in organized manner.
  • Do not have staircase running through the center of the house as this will cause conflict in the family.
  • A Staircase should never start or end in front of a toilet.
  • Try to locate your stairs in sectors as staircases can suppress bad luck caused by inauspicious stars.

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  1. Hi I have red carpet on my stairs and was just wondering if it is really bad luck and if there is anything I can do to improve the Chi of the area

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