Teen Bathroom Design Ideas

As the kids grow up and become teenagers, their needs and requirement also changes. The vanity kit and the mirror become more important elements than the other designer ideas. They tend to spend more time in front of mirrors and sink area. Storage cabinets, drawers as well as cupboards become more important for the teens to get ready in the bathroom. They keep large collection of cosmetics and other accessories while getting ready for colleges and parties. Therefore, while designing the bathrooms for the teenager it becomes more important to focus on the functionality rather than on fun based themes. Here are few steps which you can implement while designing a teenager bathroom.

The layout of the bathroom highly depends on the number of teenagers staying at the house. If there is one kid then the bathroom can be tailored according to the needs and requirements of the kid and the teenager. However, if there is more than one kid then it is suggested to have two lavatories. The best way is to created a shared bathroom including toilet, shower etc. If it is not possible then set apart the toilet so as to avoid last minute hurdles in the morning. Also it is best to have two vanities in the bathroom. You can place a large mirror to avoid battle in the hectic morning.


A Bathroom designed for a teenager

It is suggested to have a large spacious vanity with deep storage drawers. As it is the well known fact that the teenagers like to keep large collection of cosmetics and other accessories these drawers would help them to store their endless products.  Place an extra towel rack in order to avoid the pile up of used towels.

As teens spend most of their time in front of mirrors to get ready it is advised to put task lights besides the ordinary lighting. This would give them a clear vision while dressing up.

One of the most important elements where you should invest in is ventilation. Install a good exhaust fan in the bathroom. This would make the air quality healthier.

Decoration ideas:
The decoration of the bathroom entirely depends on the choice of your teenager. There are no stringent rules as of how to decorate the bathroom. Teens generally would not like to decorate their bathrooms with those childish themes but may like to decorate their bathroom with funky colors and accessories. Let your teen think and apply his ideas to decorate the room. That would be a great chance for them to express their creativity.

The teenagers usually like to apply their favorite color. They like more bright colors to mix and match. It is advised to use contrast colors while choosing bathroom accessories to make the room more vibrant.

You can apply wallpapers or paint the bathroom walls as per your teen’s choices to give the room a dramatic look. You can pick up your teens favorite color like pink and green and employ it to all the accessories.

Bathroom Flooring Ideas:
Give your teen full freedom to do something unusual. Let the teen decide on the bathroom floor. Following are some bathroom flooring decorating ideas:

  • Rubber flooring – Rubber flooring is one of the perfect options. They are available in wide range of colors. You can mix and match them to create an unusual design.
  • Metal flooring – It is also one of the ways to create a clean and an attractive bathroom.
  • Sanded Wood –Sanded flooring is affordable and is versatile in nature.  You can color them to match up with the bathroom décor.

It is advised to spend some time on considering the shapes and color of the accessories. You can hang large pictures, laminated photographs. Try finding out transparent plastic curtains.

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