Feng Shui and Energy

The energy symbolizes life, health, prosperity and everything that is positive to us.Feng Shui is purely based on five elements namely earth, water, metal, fire and wood and every space in this world incorporates these five elements. So, restoring energy with Feng Shui  is possible, but people need to keep in mind some important guidelines so as to channelize energy.

  • Living space should include air circulation ventilators and windows which should be always open for the air to circulate properly. The fresh air that comes from the windows removes the negative vibrations and fills it with positive energy.
  • Light flow within the space is also necessary and so keeping all the window and curtains open can allow enough light to circulate throughout the space.
  • Living plants are a great source of good energy and placing a plant in the living area is a prefect way to enhance the positive vibrations. However, people should always make sure that there is no dead plant in the living room, as it enhances negativity.
  • Mirror is a source of reflection and when positioned correctly it works simply great. It reflects energy and helps in channelizing blocked energies and it also facilitates in reflecting back bad energies thereby creating a soothing backdrop.
  • Drawers filled with junk and a lot of clutter in the living space is not a good sign. People should make sure that the room should not have unwanted clutter inside so that more of space can e created for the foot traffic and for the positive vibrations to circulate.
  • Colors are also a source of good energy as all the colors represent one of each five elements and having appropriate colors in the living space restores good energy.
  • Channelizing energy in bedroom is quite necessary, as people spend most of the time in these rooms and relax after their hectic schedules. Bed should always be placed diagonally opposite to front door and the mirror should be positioned opposite to the door, as it helps to reflect bad energies out of the room.
  • Placing a lamp in the dark corners help to restore positive powers.Restoring energy with Feng Shui is possible in business as well and for this purpose, people one should avoid sitting in line to the entrance, as it is considered as the path of negative energy.
  • Aquariums in the south east direction channelize the energy flow and bring in prosperity.
  • Hanging Crystals at the window is a good idea as it reflects the incoming light and spreads it in all corners of the space thereby restoring the energy back in the environment.
  • A clean pathway in the home with no obstacle is quite facilitating and people should also avoid keeping foot wears on the entrances, as it does not allow the energy to flow inside.

By following these easy instructions, people can make their life more comfortable, relaxed and happy. So, enhance your living place with good energies and make your life more beautiful and prosperous.

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