Kids Room Ceiling Design Ideas

Kids room Ceiling Designs-Fun Filled Options For You

Small kids are usually very attracted by vibrant colors and creative designs. They want something that is fun filled and enjoyable. If you are thinking of decorating your kid’s room, then make sure that you do it in an organized manner. You can also ask your children to give their preferences suggestions in this regard. Taking the help of a good interior decorator can also be a very good idea for you. There are various additional that you can make to your kid’s room by purchasing different types of furniture items and luxurious accessories that would surely mesmerize your senses. If your child loves certain cartoon characters then you can also consider getting the room decorated with the posters of their favourite animation.

When it comes to decorating the ceiling of your child’s bedroom then there are various options that you can consider. You can purchase vibrant and soothing paints in order to color the ceiling and also for decorating it. Some great ideas that would surely help in you in decorating your child’s room ceiling in the most appropriate manner are mentioned below.

Kid’s room ceiling ideas

  • You will see that boys and girls really prefer the exact opposite things that is why you must decorate the ceiling keeping the gender of your kid in mind. If you have girls then you can go for girly decorations that are mostly in pink and different shades of pink. You can decorate the ceiling with paintings of Disney princesses and fairytale dolls. For boys you can either select the blue or the red shade. They usually like super heroes and cars. Try to decorate the ceilings with such posters that your little would love.
  • Another important accessory that you can purchase for decorating the ceiling is the beautiful hanging lights that are used for all the purposes. In various home decor shops you can also find lights, lamps and shades that are especially manufactured for the kids because they are designed in vibrant colors. Some light also come in multi colors and they are usually very popular amongst the kids. You can also use the hanging light as the night light which you kid can keep switched on even while sleeping.
  • Kids room Ceiling Designs
    Kids Room Ceiling Designs - Fun Filled Options For You

    Designing the ceiling of your child’s bedroom is another great idea for you. The designs and the colors that you select for this purpose depends on you. You can just use your imagination and creation to design out cartoon characters, floral prints, sun, moon, trees, rainbow and fairytale prince and princesses. These are some common designs that every child would love. Do not use odd or dull colors as this can make the room look gloomy and dull.

  • If you have a white ceiling then you can really carry out different experiments with shades. You can select the combination of bold colors with hanging lights of the contrast colors.
  • If you want to keep your child’s room simple yet attractive then you can go for attractive walls papers that are basically used in most of the household these days. The papers come with printed designs that you can select according to the theme of your room. Various different designs of wall papers are available in the home décor shops that you can easily purchase according to your requirements.

Well these are some fun filled ideas to decorate the ceiling of your kid’s bedroom.

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