VastuĀ for TV- Some Important Things Tips For Right Placement

There are various different types of gadgets and accessories that you install in your home and office. However the correct placement, position and direction of these accessories is very important if you want to create a peaceful ambiance in your home and office. Gadgets like fridge, TV, computer, kitchen appliances and electronic machines are basically installed in each and every home. Sometimes the gadgets are not placed in the right direction or position; this creates an imbalance in your home and can even bring various types of problems.

In order to remove all the vastu defects that are in your home, office and the surrounding area, it is very important for you to place all your gadgets and equipments in the proper positions. TV is one of the most important gadgets usually found in each and every home nowadays. Some essential vastu principles that you need to follow when it comes to the right placement of your TV set are mentioned below.

In most of the homes, the TV set is placed in the living or in the individual bedroom. Wherever you place the television set always remember that some important instructions should be followed.

  • Your television set would also be installed in the south east corner of the room. Do not ever place the set in the south west or north east as this can create various problems for your home.
  • According to vastu placement of the TV in the bedroom is not regarded as good but if you are placing the TV in this room you must you must only place it in the south east direction where the comfort of your bedroom would remain intact.
  • If you are placing the TV in the bedroom then make sure that it is placed on one side of your bed and never in between the room.
  • The position that is mentioned the science of vastu for the placement of the television set but help in maintaining the steady inflow of energy, it would also insure the happiness of all the inmates. Happiness, prosperity and wealth would also be maintained your home if you have removed all the defects.
  • While placing the TV make sure that is kept clean all the time and that no dust accumulated on the television set. You msut also make sure that your TV set should be kept away from the reach of children. If you are watching TV then make sure that the volume is not too high as this would create an atmosphere of irritation in your home.
  • Vastu principles say that the furniture items should never always be placed in the south or west direction. This helps in bringing prosperity to your home and also creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.
  • If you are still facing any problems then you can contact the vastu experts who would be able to tell you about the principles that you must follow. If you want you can also install vastu pyramids in your home to maintain the atmosphere of love and happiness.
  • The vastu pyramid can alos be installed near your television set so that any negative vibrations coming from the TV can be removed with this powerful instrument.

Correct placement of the TV set is very important for prosperity and peace thus you must make sure that it is kept in the right position and direction as stated by the vastu principles.

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