Vastu tips for Garden and Trees

  • One should avoid keeping big trees inside the building premises or boundary wall. The reason behind it is that the roots of a big tree can cause damage to the base of compound wall. These roots not only lead to damaging threats but these also soak up the invisible sunlight power instantly that finally hampers the prosperity of that particular building.
  • Trees having thick leaves and giant size should be avoided as these block the auspicious sun light or rays that are quiet important. You can have these trees in the south or west directions but make sure that these big trees do not occupy only these two directions.
  • An inspiring and visually comforting focal point like rocky landscaping, statue, Om, Swastika, fish aquarium, fountain or something that can create a pleasing appeal should be there in your garden.
  • Cactus and other thorny plants should not be inside the four walls, be it for any reason.
  • Ensure that the decorative plants are there in the garden only and their maximum height can be three feet.
  • Vastu tips for Garden and Trees
    Vastu tips for Garden and Trees

    You should not plant something that is stolen, brought from bank of rivers, temples, stolen from somewhere or it is received from a person whom you don’t like.

  • West is the most appropriate direction for planting Peepal.
  • Never plant Asoka, Banana, Papaya, Jamun, Mango and Pineapple in the north or east direction.
  • South- west portion of the garden can be used for making a rock garden.
  • Decorative plants, lawns and gardens have to be designed or placed in the north or east directions along with a waterfall that should not exceed the height from 3-4 feet. Leave the north-west and north-east corner for this installation.
  • Swings can be placed in the garden but north or east are the perfect directions for it.
  • Your garden can accommodate bird’s nest or the small house of your pet but it should be positioned in the north-west portion.
  • Planning a sitting area in the west or south direction from where you can face east or north, will be an idyllic construction.
  • Pathways are considered to be of prime importance and you can add on its beauty with plantation of herbal plants such as basil and flowers like jasmine, etc. Constructing a pathway joining front gate to the main entrance of the building can turn out to be really worthwhile. Avoid planting a plant or a tree in the midway.
  • Swimming pool, if inside the garden should only face north-east or north direction. Do not have a swimming pool in the northwest, southwest, south, southeast directions and it should not be even in the center of the garden. Irrational construction can create obstacles, adverse effects on health of the inmates and can thus bring ill omens.
  • Center of the garden should not have any water ponds or fountains and you can keep all the facts essential for placement of swimming pool in mind while arranging these. Northeast is the best suitable direction for artificial springs, fountains and springs where it can yield to positive outcomes.

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  1. I have a balcony attached to the master bedroom (southwest) with a ditch which I have filled with mud and created a garden? Is this vastu okay? Someone told me its not good to do so. Please help.

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