Vastu for Kids Room

Vastu Tips for Kids Room

  • West portion of your house is the most appropriate direction for constructing kid’s room. If you want you can also consider the northeast, northwest and southeast directions but refrain from choosing southwest direction.
  • When it comes to place the bed in children room, it is good to choose southwest corner where your kid can face his or her head to the south or east direction at the time of sleeping.
  • Always keep the mirrors away from the opposite side of kid’s bed as it is completely restricted in the Vastu guidelines.
  • In order to maintain the healthy flow of positive energy in to the kid’s rooms it becomes fairly important that you place the furniture in accordance to the Vastu principles. Thus leave some space between walls and furniture and do to attach these completely.
  • Study room should be positioned in the north, east or northeast corners of the house and the room doors, if installed in either of these corners can lead to great results. Following the Vastu principles, it is found that these directions result in to augmented absorption power and thereby increasing the knowledge base.
  • Avoid columns or any type of exposed beam from this room.
  • Vastu Tips for Kids Room
    Vastu Tips for Kids Room

    Facing the north direction while studying will positively contribute towards student’s success.

  • Mirrors and switched off television or computer sets reflect images of bed that is considered to be a bad omen and thus try to avoid keeping a computer or television set directly opposite to the children bed.
  • Doors with two shutters and room windows facing north or east side are highly recommended as it allows the positive flow of morning sunlight. Place the bed in such a way that it creates an angle from the door but it is not at all opposite to bed.
  • For those who want to install a mirror of keep a television set in the kid’s room, the right or left side of the kid’s bed can turn out to be an ideal placing option.
  • It is advisable to avoid the pointing nooks and sharp edges in the children room as it creates a bed impact.
  • Keeping a close shoe rack or getting all the footwear covered is really necessary for this room to avoid any kind of energy obstruction.
  • Walls in the west or south directions are the best options to get a book rack constructed.
  • If you are looking for the perfect study table shape then square is the ultimate one. Apart from square shaped table you can also select rectangular table.
  • Make the kid’s room center always empty by avoiding unnecessary placements.
  • Cabinets and almirah can be placed in the west or south direction of the children room.
  • With a view to avoid useless mental strain on the student’s mind it is strictly important that you keep the study table clean and have just the number of books that you need while reading. Piled up books can really cause great deal of pressure.
  • To promote sound mental as well as physical health and to create positive energy inflow, southeast corners of your kid’s room is best for placing the up- lighters.
  • Making a child feel restful and refreshed is something that we all aim for and the spot or sharp lights, if placed inside the kid’s room can create trouble for him or her.
  • Light wall colors such as lemon, white or green not only augment the wishing power and create auspiciousness but this selection also ensures swift mental progress. For increasing brain power, bringing freshness and peace the color like green becomes a vital choice.
  • Decorate the northeast corner of your kid’s room with flowing water bodies to allow freshness and calmness.
  • Bed sheets or curtains having intricate geometrical designs and dark colors should be avoided in the room.
  • You can try painting a wall, character or element in the yellow color because this ascertains healthier growth of mind by enhancing the pituitary gland.

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