Indians give a lot of importance to Vastu because it helps them to construct their homes, office and other buildings in the most appropriate manner. It is a very vital form that lays down the basis principles on which houses and buildings are usually constructed. Vastu has various different aspects that lay down principles for different directions. You really need to regard the guidelines very carefully before you start with the construction work. There are many people who also consult good Vastu experts who can provide them all the information and knowledge that they require about Vastu principles. If you want you home to be constructed on the basis of Vastu principles then you can take advice from the experts.

You will see that for North facing homes there are special guidelines that need to be followed. These houses basically have roads towards the northern portion of the house therefore they are termed as north facing homes. In order to provide a peaceful ambiance in your home below stated are some very important vastu principles that you must follow for north facing homes.

Vastu for North Facing House

  • One important thing that you need to understand before purchasing a north facing home is that this direction has a strong effect on children. Generally it is regarded that the north direction is very good for the construction of homes, offices, buildings and other establishments.
  • One important thing however that you need to need in mind that the earth has a very strong magnetic field which is generally stronger in the northern direction. Therefore, it would be good for you to follow all the principles in a strict manner.
  • Make sure that you leave a large area vacant in the north and the east direction of the north facing homes in order to ensure the inflow of positive energy which is very good for the inhabitants.
  • Vastu for North Facing House
    Vastu for North Facing House

    Heavy flower plots and extra large trees should never be placed in the north-eastern side of the plot. This would ensure safety and security.

  • The corners of balconies and porticos should never be extended and they would be always built in the north eastern corner of the plot for better atmosphere.
  • If you are constructing the entrance then make sure that it is built in the north or north eastern portion of the house.
  • There are special rules and regulations regarding the placement of the kitchen. You must make sure that it is located in the North West corner of south east corner of the north facing plot.
  • Some rooms including the garage and storeroom should always be constructed on the north east corner of the house. There construction on any other part of the house should be avoided.
  • Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that the north eastern portion of the plot should never be extended beyond a point of the south eastern portion.
  • If you want to make your children prosper in their studies and professional life then it is important for you to make sure that the drainage passes from the north east direction of your home.
  • In the north facing homes the living room should always be constructed in a proper manner. This particular room as a lot of importance in your home and correct placement ensure good vibrations.
  • It is often seen that when it comes to purchasing plots for homes then the north facing plots are the most sought after because they have very good vibrations then no other option can provide you. It is also seen that people who reside in north facing homes are wealthier and prosper as compared to other people.
  • Different types of homes can be built on the north facing plots according to your comforts. It is very good when it comes to financial gains and they also help in increasing your wealth and well being.
  • It is regarded that children living in north facing homes are very good in studies and they get a job soon after completing their studies.
  • North is often regarded to be the direction of “Kubera” who is considered to be the God of wealth in the Hindu Mythology.

The above stated tips and vastu guidelines would surely help you in the construction of north facing homes.

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