In the Indian culture, the Vastu plays a very important role. People consult the Vastu principles before they get their homes and offices constructed. Vastu has some very specific rules and regulations regarding the construction of buildings and monuments. When we talk about the south facing homes then they are not always considered to be bad. There might be some technical issues revolving around the construction but if you keep the Vastu tips and tricks in mind then everything would go on in an extremely smooth manner. In the vastu texts you will find that special rules are laid for each specific direction. The south facing homes should plan and designed in a very specific manner in order to keep the inhabitants happy and satisfied.

If you have bought a plot that is in the south facing direction and you want to get your home constructed on it then you must consider all the vastu rules very carefully. Below stated are some very important vastu tips and guidelines that can really help you in this regard.

Vastu guidelines regarding the south facing homes

  • If you have a south facing home then you must have your entrance only in the north and east direction. These two directions are regarded to be very auspicious therefore you must prefer them only. Sometimes south and west entrances are suitable for those people that have had their horoscope checked by vastu experts. Consulting a good and highly qualified vastu expert can really work wonders for you.
  • In order to generate positive energy, the centre portion of the house or plot should always be kept vacant. This place is known as the Bhramastan and it should be kept free from any clutter, mess or construction.
  • If you want to make a temple or place of worship in your home then you must make sure that it is located in the northern or in the eastern portion of your home.
  • Vastu for South Facing House
    Vastu for South Facing House

    While placing valuable things like money or your jewellery items, you must always make sure that they are kept in north direction for safety purpose. The north direction will keep your wealth safe.

  • If you have a storeroom where grains and other edible items are kept then make sure that this place is located in the north western portion of the house.
  • Dining room and the study room should always be located in the west direction. West is regarded to be the direction where you can study with great concentration and peace.
  • Kitchen is one of the most important areas of your domicile where you install various different types of appliances and accessories. You can use the south eastern direction for locating your kitchen area and for preparing food with electrical devices.
  • The toilets and bathroom of your home should be in the south east direction. Other cleaning instruments like the broomsticks, dusters and the dustbins should also be located in this area only.
  • The total number of doors and windows installed in your home should always be in the even number in each and every floor of your home. The width and the height of the door should also be kept according to the principles of vastu.
  • The south facing homes should have a very good ventilation system and there should be a lot of windows installed in every room. Make sure that the rooms are airy and spacious.
  • When you purchase decorative items for your home, then you must make sure that you do not purchase accessories that might have a negative influence of the surrounding area like the picture of a crying girl and many more such things.
  • Another important thing that you must keep in mind is that no water bodies of constructions should be located on the entrance of your south facing home.

These vastu tips and suggestions are especially for a south facing plot and home therefore you must surely keep the instructions in mind while getting your home constructed.

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  1. My south facing house have some vastu problem ……
    Is it Possible to have solution without destroying ……

  2. Respected sir,

    my home Constructed in south facing side.but kitchen is in north east direction,please give the remedy.

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