Vastu for Puja Room

  • The puja room is best suited for the northeast direction. But other directions include the north as well as east are also appropriate. Some people even go with the northeast direction.
  • Every worshipper should face either the north or the east direction.
  • The ideal place for puja room is on ground floor but not on first floor.
  • Never construct the puja room near the stair case or in the basement.
  • Vastu tips for Puja Room
    Vastu tips for Puja Room

    When you are worshipping whether it is in the sitting posture or in the standing posture your chest level and the legs of the idol should be at same level.

  • Cabinets above the idol should be empty and nothing should be kept inside it.
  • For storing water or any other thing only vessels made from copper should be used.
  • Your puja room should not have any type of triangular pattern.
  • Agnikund should always face towards the southeast direction of the puja room. If any offering is made in the fire then it should be in the east direction.
  • All the lamps and diyas should be placed facing the southeast direction.
  • The idol can be placed anywhere you like but not at the center of the entrance.

Puja Room Vastu

  • If you are placing the idol facing the wall then a distance of about an inch should be maintained and idol should not come in contact with the wall. Do not use areas which are prepared by chiseling the wall.
  • Never make the broke idols a part of your puja room as it is not considered to be lucky.
  • Do not keep the photos of people who have died in your family in the same room.
  • Puja room has to be separate so do no find a space in your bedroom or the wall which is attached with the bathroom.
  • Bathrooms are not the right place for the puja room.
  • Avoid puja room in the areas where the electrical appliances are installed.
  • The doors of the room should face towards north while the windows must face in the east direction. If the doors have shutters then it will be good and avoid using door closers.
  • Puja room must have proper ventilation.
  • The puja room should have light shades on the walls like light blue, white or light yellow will also do.
  • Floor work of the room should consist of marble or light colored flooring material will be the best.
  • Cabinets in the puja room can face either the south direction or the west corner.
  • Your home should have a puja room which is not connected with any other room. It should be used for prayer and not for any other thing.

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