Vastu for Posters and Paintings


Posters and Paintings Vastu – Principles You Must Follow

There are many people who like decorating and enhancing the look of their homes and offices with the help of different accessories. Paintings and posters are such decoration accessories which you can use anywhere according to your preferences. You can install paintings in your home, office, shop, restaurant and other commercial area. Before you purchase paintings for a certain area you must surely keep certain vastu principles in mind. According to the vastu rules and guidelines, one should only consider purchasing the posters and paintings that can make the environment happy and pleasant. You must avoid purchasing the accessory that come in dark shades or depict unpleasant scenes. Besides this you must also consider the vastu principles when it comes to installing the pictures in the most appropriate position and direction.

You will see that beautiful and appealing paintings and postures can really enhance the beauty of your interiors. So, for more important points on the correct positioning and location of the paintings and pictures in your home, you must certainly consult the vastu principles mentioned below.

Posters and Paintings Vastu

  • There are some people who just love purchasing colourful and artefact items for decorating their homes. These mall little luxurious items can really change the whole look of your home, if you have selected them in a proper manner. Paintings and posters are the most common home décor accessories that are purchased by almost all home owners to beauty their interiors. You can purchase small as well as extra large paintings according to your requirements. The paintings and posters that you purchase for your home should always be positioned according to the vastu principles.
  • Before you purchase paintings for your home you must keep this thing in mind that these paintings should always be purchased for creating a plesant and peaceful ambiance at home. You can purchase posters of floral patterns, birds, river, flower vases and other plesant things. Avoid putting pictures of crying girl, war or tragedy in your home. This can create negative vibrations in your home.
  • The correct position and direction of the paintings are other two very important aspects that you must surely keep in mind. The direction and the location for the instillation of different paintings are different. You will see that vastu shastra has given a special positive to the head of the family. Other family members should respect their elders and should try to complete all the tasks according to their wishes. Equal justice and importance should be given to all the members of the house so that they can stay with peace and love with each other.
  • If you have purchased posters and paintings depicting a landscape then it is important for you to install this accessory in the northeast, east or north direction. The poster of the landscape including water bodies, mountains and greenery can really be great for your home.
  • The direction from east to south is considered to be very auspicious and pure as it is considered to be the place of solar energy. At this location you can install pictures of flowers, women and other creative things.
  • If you like clicking photographs and decorating your home with them then you can click pictures of high mountains, flying birds, rocks, aircrafts and moving train as they are considered to be great for decorating your interiors.
  • You must also place pictures and posters of various Hindu God and Goddesses in your home. The picture of Lord Krishna eating curd or with Radha is surely lucky subject for your home. These paintings can also be installed in your pooja room.
  • The posters that are designed for selling certain items or products should always be placed in the north-western direction.
  • If you want to put up pictures of your idol who are alive or dead then this should be placed west or south direction.

These are some very important vastu principles that guide you about the correct position and placement of pictures and posters.



  1. I have a basement apartment. And the ceiling height of my bedroom is about 7′. I have a large picture that is approximately 3′-0″ x 3′-6″. To make the room (and the ceiling height) look larger, should I hang it near the top of the wall, or in the middle? What is a good height to hang the pictures?

  2. The best placement of pictures is to hang it in a way so that the middle is at eye level. If you’re hanging a group of pictures, make sure the middle of the group is at eye level. Good Luck!!!

  3. Well it depends on the style of your room. It will be most suitable if you place the pics in the middle because you wont have to crane your head too much in order to catch a glimpse of them.

  4. I think it will be a better idea if you place the pictures in the middle since it will be more convenient for you. After all you`ll have to do dusting and it won`t be possible if the pictures will be placed too high.

  5. can we paste “running 5-6 horses” poster in our hall ? ” please reply to the given e-mail address

  6. We have a picture of temples on holy mountain with a picture of IDOL in the inset. Which direction is correct to place this frame?


  7. Dear sir,
    I want to hang a picture or painting on the south wall as well as on north wall so please suggest for the same.

    Sujit Shaw.

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