The front door of your home is the first thing through which people enter when they come to visit your house. And it is also the last thing which people will love to remember when they leave your home. It is the door which welcomes your guest, relatives to your home. Therefore, the entrance door should be designed in such a way that it reveals a welcoming and pleasant passage for everyone to get into your home. A front door also reflects the character of you and your family. So create a welcoming entry for your guests with following simple decorative tips and I am sure the guests would love to visit many a times to your home to enjoy the wonderful greetings you have for them.

Things to consider before decorating your entry door:

Though it is a small area in your entire house it is the first one to throw an impression about you. It reflects you and your family’s character. Therefore, make sure you clean all the clutter lying outside your entry door. Sweep the outside stairway and make sure you have a clean entrance to your house.

If there is a small porch, then you can add some comfortable furniture like few chairs and a table. This would allow your guests to sit and relax and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Place a name plate outside your home. You can also announce your home address with four inches tall characters. The area were you have placed the address plate should be well-lit. This will allow the guests to read the address properly.

Custom you entrance door will a beautiful home ring. Home rings are available in various tunes. You can install the one which you like the most. Remember that your door bell should be placed in such a way that it is quite visible to everyone. You can also use a doorknocker.

How to decorate your entry door:

Tips to Decorate Entrance Doors
The entrance door should be designed in such a way that it reveals a welcoming and pleasant passage for everyone to get into your home

Rustic effect: Decoration of entry doors gives a different appearance to the home altogether. They add a character to your home and decorating your doors with rustic style would one of the best ways to go ahead. If you want your home to be decorated in rustic style then it is important to have a rustic entrance door as well. Rustic doors are made of more textured wood and so have rough texture. These doors often have accents made of metal like cloves. Clavos can be used to decorate the doors. Cloves are used to decorate the entrance door and they build up a different look and feel of the house.

For a wedding or birthday parties: When there is an occasion, you definitely decorate your home interiors with accessories, then why to leave the entrance door. Entrance door decorated with pretty items can build up a warm and welcoming environment. Guest often spends their time lingering at your door for few minutes before entering to your home. It also builds up a festive mood in Guests and relatives mind right from the entrance. You can gift wrap your front door with a two feet wide pretty paper and can add a bow or an evergreen wreath to give a finishing touch. You can also use a floral wire or grapevine wreath instead of usual wreath. Decorate the wreath with fruits, bows, bells etc to give it a unique look. You can also install lights around the entry area. String them straight or horizontally and fix them with a tape. Lighting the area with on/off lighting will build up an amazing entrance for your guests on an occasion.

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